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Mom to 3 ¡!AMAZING¡! boys. Corny Joke Loving Nerd. Eclectic Collector of Magickal & Unusual things.


Love & appreciate the underlying message. <3 Everyone has their demons.

Wendell & Wild imageWendell & Wild image

Wendell & Wild

Movies | Animation

Lots of violence, which sometimes you just need to release some negativity. I do enjoy it, with all of its silliness. Note; The sexuality of it sadly makes it maybe not appropriate for the younger kids.

Chainsaw Man imageChainsaw Man image

Chainsaw Man

Shows | Animation

I love this show so much! Even the ark. It starts out like a stereotypical silly anime, but very quickly I found myself enthralled and invested in the characters. <3 Great combination of action & Comedy.

Bungo Stray Dogs imageBungo Stray Dogs image

Bungo Stray Dogs

Shows | Action & Adventure

I absolutely love this one! It's a good combination of action and comedy.

Jujutsu Kaisen imageJujutsu Kaisen image

Jujutsu Kaisen

Shows | Animation

I find it rather humorous! Sometimes you just need a goofy ass show in your life, what can I say? I'm only about 7-8 episodes in, so I'm not sure about the side storyline just yet.

The Day I Became a God imageThe Day I Became a God image

The Day I Became a God

Shows | Animation

I'm loving this so far! I was worried about the actress playing Mary, because I've seen her play a complete ditz on another show (American Housewife), but she's killing it! My only concern thus far, is I'm not sure how they're tying certain things in. Like how they met, origins etc...

The Winchesters imageThe Winchesters image

The Winchesters


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