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My interests range from cheesy rom-coms to experimental avant-garde and everything in between but my main goal is to watch and review every LGBTQ+ movie/tv out there (good and bad) that I never could growing up.


Disturbing, agonizing and torturous. This French horror still haunts me after watching it in theaters a month ago. What’s worse is it’s linked to an actual case claiming the lives of 5 women. Probably the closest thing I felt to seeing the POV of a serial killer and his family and the it’s bone chilling.

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Movies | Horror

Now playing on TUBI - this sweet and tender coming of age gay romance will pull your heart strings. If you like heart stopper etc. you’ll love this. #lgbtq #mlm #comingofage

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Beautiful Thing

Movies | Comedy

I was rolling my eyes at the beginning of the film but ended up becoming a guilty pleasure of mine. I’m a sucker for a good cheesy rom-com it mixes Hallmark but with spice. It’s enemies-to-lovers with corny bits, yet the chemistry between the characters kinda saved this movie for me. #mlm #lgbtq

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Red, White & Royal Blue

Movies | Comedy

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