My favorite Disney Princess

Anastasia imageAnastasia image


Movies | Animation

Fall in love with every old gangster. Recommend this movie to your action loving Dad and Grandfather, they’ll have a great laugh.

Stand Up Guys imageStand Up Guys image

Stand Up Guys

Movies | Thriller

Thrilling. Just didn’t care for the love interest.

The Town imageThe Town image

The Town

Movies | Crime

A little blue booty never hurt anyone

Watchmen imageWatchmen image


Movies | Action

Three hours was worth it

Gone Girl imageGone Girl image

Gone Girl

Movies | Mystery

Rewatched twice to catch all those hints to our twist ending.

Red Lights imageRed Lights image

Red Lights

Movies | Thriller

A fever dream in hell. Your anti-heroes are likable all the way through to the end.

Natural Born Killers imageNatural Born Killers image

Natural Born Killers

Movies | Crime

Fame at the cost of your friends, family and anyone in your path. Manipulation never looked so innocent

Pretty Persuasion imagePretty Persuasion image

Pretty Persuasion

Movies | Comedy

The twist will leave you speechless

The Prestige imageThe Prestige image

The Prestige

Movies | Drama

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