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I have been to 49 States (lived in 19 of them), I know ASL, and my cat is my favorite.


Another great book by Quinn! I felt like this one however was a little dragged. Still a great book with amazing chemistry and spice! 8/10

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So Not Meant to Be

Books | Meghan Quinn

There is no real plot line to this book but the *Spice* is a 10/10. This is unlike any other Christina Lauren book but it was good and was a quick read. I give it a 6/10.

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Beautiful Bastard

Books | Christina Lauren

This book was romantic, witty and the banter was a 10/10. I did feel there was some slow parts in the plot but overall a great read 8/10

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Book Lovers

Books | Emily Henry

Sexy, charming, sweet! This book was humorous, romantic and had me hooked from page one! Just a fell good love story with a little spice!

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The Soulmate Equation

Books | Christina Lauren

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