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This book is a little like reading multiple short stories. You get to see behind the scenes into several of the women that live in town, and how their lives intersect.

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When Autumn Leaves

Books | Amy S. Foster

This is not my typical book pick. I did enjoy the plot that centered around a dysfunctional dad/daughter relationship and new friendships where the initial impression may not be all that accurate. I also enjoyed discovering the city of Florence, it’s rich history. and it’s many artistic masterpieces.

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The Girl in the Glass

Books | Susan Meissner

About halfway through the About halfway through story, after Thursday has found the other wives, the husband starts to gaslight her and tries to make her think she is crazy. I was really starting to HATE this husband character, but then…!! well… you should read it for yourself…

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The Wives

Books | Tarryn Fisher

Wait…what!?!? Brilliantly told story that just got more and more unsettling.

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Sometimes I Lie

Books | Alice Feeney

This was the first ever Jodi Picoult book I read, and I have been an earnest fan ever since. So much of her later books are better then this one, but Salem Gals is still a good read.

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Salem Falls

Books | Jodi Picoult

The whole series is a fun read, and my two teen daughters also both enjoyed them.

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Books | Scott Westerfeld

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