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This is my third book by KL Slater. Overall a good read, but not great. Liar has a surprise twist just like the other ones, which I like. But Slater’s plot and characters just don’t grab me or pull me in like other authors often do. Of the 3 I have read, the Silent Ones has been my favorite so far.

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Books | K.L. Slater

Journeying with Nora through an infinite supply of possible lives, I really contemplated the power of my choices made, and the limitless paths that could stretch before me. Also, what is happiness? How do I define success? Why do I hold onto regrets anyway? In the end, this “feel good”book ends the exact way you hope that it will. The first half is possibly triggery to those with a background of suicidal ideation or those who have experienced loss of a loved one through self harm.

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The Midnight Library

Books | Matt Haig

Good but not great, maybe a little slow moving as we got to peer into the psyche of all the Delaney family members. The plot unfolds rather gently throughout the first half and then picks up and catches you by surprise. For Audible listeners—The narrator of the audio book was a little bit like listening to Fran from The Nanny, but eventually I got used to the accent and enjoyed the way she portrayed the various characters.

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Apples Never Fall

Books | Liane Moriarty

True stories are sometimes the best. Read this years ago, but still think of it often. I strongly recommend!

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Clever! Both my girls loved this book in their teens and I also couldn’t put it down. A fast, fun read.

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