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Sorry for the late reply. Oh yes, this is an excellent book, in my humble opinion of course. I don’t want to give anything away, but maybe google a couple of excerpts and read a few reviews to get a more in depth idea of what the book has to offer. That should help you decide if it’s a book you’re interested in diving into. Hope I’ve helped, thank you for your comment.

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The Prince

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I’m personally not familiar with the author but I love the book. I feel any book that delves into personality disorders, while offering a digestible layman’s narrative on the myriad of personality disorders, is incredibly helpful. Personality disordered individuals are like chameleons who’ve learned to blend in beyond recognition and explanation. So to safeguard ourselves from while learning to understand these individuals is a great advantage. Books like this help assist in that regard.

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The Psychopath Test

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