I like seeing more representation of women that look like me; Of women with goals, situations, and body types that are realistic. The verses rapped are super catchy. It’s definitely modern and to be honest, I would likely watch anything with Issa Rae’s name on it - Just as I do with anything stamped by Shonda Rhimes.

Rap Sh!t imageRap Sh!t image

Rap Sh!t

Shows | Comedy

Such a good movie! I love when the actor narrates her thoughts and actually speaks toward the camera. In my opinion, it’s better than hearing a voice over. The actress is beautiful and her smile is so sweet and genuine. As a person with a lost love - I found the hope in reuniting to be so pure and relatable.

Persuasion imagePersuasion image


Movies | Romance

Honestly, I’m a sucker for all movies with John Travolta

Look Who's Talking imageLook Who's Talking image

Look Who's Talking

Movies | Comedy

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