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I went through a phase where I watched this every night

House Party imageHouse Party image

House Party

Movies | Comedy

His mom did not want people to think he was an awful person soooo bad lmao. It was a good lyin' ass movie though.

Notorious imageNotorious image


Movies | Drama

There are a lot of polarizing public figures involved with this movie so my critique is kinda bleh cause yeah it seemed like a cash grab. This movie was shot really well, aesthetically pleasing and put this story on the big screen. Maybe it will be done again decades from now.

Judas and the Black Messiah imageJudas and the Black Messiah image

Judas and the Black Messiah

Movies | Drama

Helped revive marvel

Black Panther imageBlack Panther image

Black Panther

Movies | Action

Less toxic black romance movie? Sign me up

The Photograph imageThe Photograph image

The Photograph

Movies | Drama

Super sad like ewh

Dead Presidents imageDead Presidents image

Dead Presidents

Movies | Action

I like Menace II Society a lot more it seems more authentic but, I did enjoy seeing young actors at the beginning of their careers. The actors made the movie, not the story.

Boyz n the Hood imageBoyz n the Hood image

Boyz n the Hood

Movies | Crime

"What do you know? You don't even keep your f*cking nails clean"

Poetic Justice imagePoetic Justice image

Poetic Justice

Movies | Drama

This is my Ex and I'd favorite movie, we're going to the movies this weekend lol

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Love Jones

Movies | Comedy

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