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Bobbi Ormond



I’m surprised this is on Netflix. It’s a good show but it’s like soft x rated content.

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I didn’t love it but it was decent. Think life on the run without knowing why and watching episodes to get a small hint here and there with the rest being filler content.

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The Mosquito Coast

Shows | Drama

Left with a cliffhanger!? Why!?

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Shows | Science Fiction

You can’t watch this if you’re distracted by anything else. If you look away at your phone, chances are you’ll miss something since every season is a new story/case. When you can dedicate time, watch this!

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The Sinner

Shows | Drama

Oh my goodness! This was such a good movie 🙌🏻

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Movies | Drama

I’m not sure why this is listed as Western because it’s definitely not that. Angelina is my favorite actress and this movie didn’t disappoint. She embodies true characteristics of herself in this film and plays it effortlessly.

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Those Who Wish Me Dead

Movies | Thriller

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