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I love the perspective that Jess Lourey wrote in. It was easy to read, too easy to the point of saying “just one more chapter” until you’re 5 chapters passed and it’s 2 am all of a sudden lol. I’d be interested in looking at some of her other books to see if her writing remains the same. Over all I loved the story, it was suspenseful and keeps you guessing and then doubting yourself. I’m also a bit of a true crime nerd so this was right up my alley in keeping my attention

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The Quarry Girls

Books | Jess Lourey

I loved this book. The style it was written in had me on edge the whole time switching between the tapes and real time. The twists were wonderful and not predictable. I am definitely becoming a McFadden fan with her use of suspense and character development.

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Never Lie

Books | Freida McFadden

This book was impossible to put down. So many twists

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Books | Colleen Hoover

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