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Dominic Frechette



Dumb but still very funny after all theses years 🤣

The Waterboy imageThe Waterboy image

The Waterboy

Movies | Comedy

Must watch at least once. Light comedy with a strong performance from Drew and Adam 🤩

The Wedding Singer imageThe Wedding Singer image

The Wedding Singer

Movies | Romance

Very funny, a good family movie

Grown Ups imageGrown Ups image

Grown Ups

Movies | Comedy

The impossible dream of building a city from scratch with religious fans

Wild Wild Country imageWild Wild Country image

Wild Wild Country

Shows | Documentary

Must Watch - amazing drone views of the magnificent of the earth and wildlife! 🐎

Planet Earth imagePlanet Earth image

Planet Earth

Shows | Documentary

An fantastic movie with solutions on how we can bring back the Ocean to normal

The Blue Planet imageThe Blue Planet image

The Blue Planet

Shows | Documentary

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