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Fun movie, lots of fighting and explosions. But it's got a good story, Megatron the big bad with his gaggle if Decepticons trying to discover something for their own gain is always a great storyline

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Really cute movie, something feel good to watch. Bee's memory loss and Charlie's struggles with the past, the two of them help each other feel like themselves again!

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Watched it with my dad without seeing the first movie, you really don't need to see the first one for context because it fills in the blanks for people who have no idea what happened In the first

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Top Gun: Maverick

Movies | Action

I am 19 and absolutely love this movie, reminds me of my childhood sitting in the living room with popsicles and fans blowing in my face as I watch Real Steel. It's a feel good movie, Tentacular is a decent villain, not one of the greats but enough for me to absolutely adore him. Want something to watch with your kids or younger siblings then this movie is a great pick!

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