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Emily Newb



Overall a good book, and I would read others by this author. I enjoyed the story line, and it kept me interested throughout, instead of just the last 50pgs which is always nice, but it was a little predictable and nothing outrageously shocking. 1/25.

Things We Do in the Dark imageThings We Do in the Dark image

Things We Do in the Dark

Books | Jennifer Hillier

I loved the overall plot of this book. A young family that moved to Alaska to escape the lower 48 after the war. They learn to live off the land, and how to navigate mental health issues after the father was a POW. This book had everything, thrill, romance, you name it. The only thing I did not like, was how the timeline would skip ahead by months at a time. I know it was to keep interest as time developed, but it made me lose interest during parts where I had to push through and finish it. 1/22

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The Great Alone

Books | Kristin Hannah

Be ready to cry. I am NOT a cryer, nor have I ever shed a tear for a book, or movie, but this book changed that! Two timelines develop throughout the book, as each chapter slowly offers you clues of the ending, it will have you questioning the mysterious romance that unfolds. Easily my favorite book, never wanted to reread a book until this genuine love story. If it's not a love like Alina & Tomasz - I don't want it. 😭 1/15.

The Things We Cannot Say imageThe Things We Cannot Say image

The Things We Cannot Say

Books | Kelly Rimmer

This book spares no time jumping into the story. As someone who is not knowledgeable with the witchy lingo, it took a minute to familiarize myself with what was going on. However, this book had so much going on, so it was never a dull read. A number of plot twists are built into one another until revealing the end, but there's still more to come. Already have the sequel on the way. 🙌🏼 1/12.

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Ninth House

Books | Leigh Bardugo

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