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By far the best book in The Dark Tower series. Feels like 3 books wrapped up into one. With about 20 hours left in the audio book it made feel like the climax was right around the corner and I needed to sprint for the finish. A creative end to a lengthy tale. Emotions definitely make an appearance. This is a story that definitely requires outside research and discussion to settle the mind afterwards.

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The Dark Tower VII

Books | Stephen King

The way the narrator speaks to the reader makes this story have a strange etherial feel. Its difficult to get into, but once the introduction is out of the way the story gets really good. Adds a lot to the surrounding Dark Tower mythos.

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Black House

Books | Stephen King

The first Dark Tower book that felt like King new where the story was going.

Wolves of the Calla imageWolves of the Calla image

Wolves of the Calla

Books | Stephen King

Very slow and dry start into one of the strangest entries into The Dark Tower mythos. Enjoyable, but long.

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Books | Stephen King

Came for The Dark Tower mythos, stayed for the feels. I have found King to be an awkward writter, but creative story teller. The stories contained here stand out as the best writting I've experienced from King. These stories provide glimpses into a period of American History that many only hear about in history class, with writing and character building that are sure to leave heart aching.

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Hearts in Atlantis

Books | Stephen King

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