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Hailey Tweter



I can't believe how much I love this series with all my heart. It's like an easy to follow and updated discworld. So freakin good!

Off to Be the Wizard imageOff to Be the Wizard image

Off to Be the Wizard

Books | Scott Meyer

I go back to this book when I feel cynical and sad. It is really funny and really fun if you play RPGs. Even is kinda heartfelt ❤

Mogworld imageMogworld image


Books | Yahtzee Croshaw

Fairytale meets sci-fi. Your inner disney princess loving child will love this but the young adult you will still like it a lot ❤

Cinder imageCinder image


Books | Marissa Meyer

His best work next to the shining IMO

The Stand imageThe Stand image

The Stand

Books | Stephen King

Read this and Doctor Sleep back to back. A beautiful story of family and redemtion surprisingly. Made me ball!

The Shining imageThe Shining image

The Shining

Books | Stephen King

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