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Why hello. I'm Jess(she/they)! I like to read LGBTQ YA novels to cope with the fact that they weren't available when I needed them in high school. I rate and review almost every book I've read here. I try to be descriptive with my reviews without spoilers! 🖤CR: Conventionally Yours


Rating: 3.5/5 ⭐️ Did I think Boyfriend Material needed a sequel? Yes. Absolutely. Was this the sequel I was necessarily expecting? No. I thoroughly enjoyed this sequel, though. I think that this book contains a lot of character development on both Lucien and Oliver's parts. I've seen a lot of people on booktok/book Instagram complaining about the ending, but honestly I think the ending fits just fine? My one complaint is honestly.... very mild spoilers. Lucien and Oliver have literally nothing in common. Not a single thing. They don't even view their sexuality the same way and theres nothing really wrong with that, but they argue so much in this book I sometimes found myself saying "why the **** are you guys even together?"... Like I understand it's supposed to be the whole "opposites attract" trope but there is not a single thing they have in common interest wise.

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Husband Material

Books | Alexis Hall

Rating: 4/5 ⭐️ The way this book is written in a way that scratches my little ADHD brain. The main character, PK, overthinks everything and all of that is basically thrown onto the paper, which might be daunting to some people, but if you have thoughts that go a million miles a minute like I do, everything just makes sense. The plot is a little slow, but the way it's written is fast if that makes sense. I love the way that PK describes Art (the love interest) and the way that he feels about them. Everything in his head is so chaotic but when he thinks about Art when he is observing them it's just so slow and poetic. Ie: "In my head? Feelings were this loud, clanging, confused mass of noise. But for Art, feelings were colors and textures, things he could make sense of, could sort if organize." (At this point in the book Art had not come out as enby yet)

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Book Boyfriend

Books | Kris Ripper

Rating: 4.5/5 ⭐️ This book combines 2 of my favorite things: D&D and romance. But make it gay. The whole premise of this book is that the main character Arek crowns himself the ruler of a kingdom (on accident) when fulfilling a prophecy a wizard gave him. But there's like a magical tie to being the king that makes it so you have to find a souk mate by the wearer's 18th birthday or they die. So Arek, who is very obviously in love with Matt, doesn't want to force any of his friends to love him just because he is going to perish. So he enlists Matt to basically be his wingman and doesn't tell the other friends bc Arek wants it to happen "naturally" Overall, I loved this book. The characters have a strong sense of diversity in terms of personality, and everyone gets their own little ending in a way. You also get to sit on the sidelines as a bunch of teenagers try to run a kingdom. I've gone back and reread the ending at least 3 times now bc I love it. Would really love to see a sequel or maybe just like a short story just surrounding how the kingship progresses

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So This Is Ever After

Books | F.T. Lukens

Rating: 4/5⭐️ This is your typical "fake dating trope" rom com, but still super enjoyable. This book is honestly HILARIOUS. Luc and Oliver are both super lovable characters IMO. I've seen people criticize Luc's personality a lot, but honestly I think the way he acted was pretty on par with the way people IRL act with his same trauma (pushing people away, abandonment issues, etc.) The reason I didn't rate this a 5 is because I honestly kind of with the ending was a bit longer I guess? Like you get the ending you want but I kinda really would have appreciated an epilogue because it almost feels like it ends super abruptly. And also the chapter with Alex is absolutely atrocious to get through solely because he is just so stupid. You'll know what I mean when you read it. If you read this, you will learn way more about dung beetles than you ever thought you would. I would also like to share my favorite quote from this novel: "For a gay, you are far too sensitive about your arsehole"

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Boyfriend Material

Books | Alexis Hall

Rating: 4.5/5⭐️ So some of the reviews on this book say that it's "just a little mermaid retelling" and I have to completely disagree. While yes it does share some aspects, the book is in an entire league of its own. This book was way more thrilling and action packed than I initially thought it would be, but I literally just laid in bed reading this nonstop it was so exciting. The relationship formation is pretty gradual (but the crushes are instant, obviously) and I actually tend to really like when an author writes it that way so that you get a sense of realism I guess. Its a fantasy book... but still. One critique I can say is that the villain of the book is so obvious from the second they're mentioned, but I'm here for the girls, gays, and theys, not some completely mind blowing plot twist.

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In Deeper Waters

Books | F.T. Lukens

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