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Julie Barbara



Extremely frustrating and emotional series but if you can stick it out, it all pays off in the end and it was worth the watch. But don't expect a light, enjoyable, fun ride like some of the other BLs. And it wasn't funny either. But I love all the film references and there's a great redemption storyline for one of the main characters in the end.

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Theory of Love


One of my all-time favorite BLs, not because of the main couple (who got really boring TBH) but because the 2 side couples were amazing. I fell in love with both MekBoss and RamKing. This series made me LOL so much and I don't laugh at many shows. The main problem was there weren't enough love scenes for any of them, especially the main couple who got really boring because they barely even shared a hug all season. Only 1 really good kiss scene in 12 episodes and it wasn't the main couple!

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My Engineer


The highest quality BL I've ever watched, stellar writing, cinematography, and of course the acting! An absolutely beautiful, touching, meaningful, and also hilarious love story that will make you laugh and cry in equal measure. It's a testament to the amazing writing and acting that this series takes place almost exclusively in one apartment setting, yet it is never boring for even a minute. The chemistry between the lead actors jumps off the screen and leaves you desperate for more by the end.

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Like in the Movies

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Hands down the hottest kiss and love scenes I've ever seen on a BL show. The actors were absolutely fearless, totally natural, and had such amazing chemistry that it jumped off the screen and made you feel like you were intruding on a real couple. Also full of hilarious and touching moments and just genuinely fun and enjoyable to watch from start to finish. Also Aki (Ace) delivered the most realistic crying I've seen an actor perform. 5/5 stars!!!!

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My Day the Series

Shows | Comedy

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