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Again here I would add a Trauma/PTSD Warning, but the Hunters - some of who are holocaust survivors, are pretty bad ass. A thriller. Great acting and storytelling. Rated V for violence.

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Shows | Drama

An absolute MUST WATCH! Will totally change your viewpoint about EVERYTHING!

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Ancient Apocalypse

Shows | Documentary

This is a multilingual film and normally even a simple foreign language film is a turn off for me. But this one was different. Obviously a nod to Murphy in Beverley Hills Cop - except Eddie Murphys comic genius is unmatched. It had a very interesting story line and the comedy/acting was enough to sell this story. As our world becomes increasingly smaller, I expect to see more of these types of films. They'll succeed if they follow Belleville's formula. A pleasant surprise!

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Belleville Cop

Movies | Comedy

Ended up binging this show on first run. Could not stop watching! Edge of your seat Thriller/Story! The main character was fantastic! Already ready for Season 2!

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The Recruit

Shows | Drama

This was a great show that "jumped the shark" at the end, thereby ruining it. I won't spoil it but in this fantasy series made believable, the ending wasn't believable and very hard to swallow. Like the writers just threw something at the wall and picked what stuck. The acting was fantastic.

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Midnight, Texas

Shows | Drama

Couldn't get enough!

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Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Classic Stephen King thriller. Not horror, as one typically expects. I hated putting it down! Strongly recommend!

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Billy Summers

Books | Stephen King

In the superheroes meets real life genre, like The Boys. However, IMHO it's a VAST improvement over the Prime Series.

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Jupiter's Legacy

Shows | Action & Adventure

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