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Katie Aubuchon



My first introducing to this fall fairy tale this is definitely not for young audiences or the faint of heart. Strong story but primarily driven by the same trauma and abuse as the original tale

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Books | Robin McKinley

A unique take on vampires and what it means to be one

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Books | Robin McKinley

One of my all time favorites this book has a unique approach to fantasy, driven by the strong characters motivated by duty and family in unexpected ways

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The Hero and the Crown

Books | Robin McKinley

One of my all time favorites. Unique approach to fantasy with string characters and compelling challenges

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The Blue Sword

Books | Robin McKinley

Excellent book, 10/10, do yourself a favor and stop here.

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The Hunger Games

Books | Suzanne Collins

Excellent series. Suffers from mild pacing issues but remains strong throughout with no one book clearly dominating the others. Driven by strong characters with consistent moral underpinnings that draw you in to each character to enjoy their development without a sense of convenient shifts purely for plot or reader sensibility or shock value (I'm looking at you hunger games)

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Throne of Glass Box Set

Books | Sarah J. Maas

First part of this series is excellent, funny, dark, sexy, and powerful partnered with a strong underpinning mystery. After this collecting the series devolves, losing these elements to gratuitous sex and over pontificating on overly complex romantic and sexual relationships. That being said they're compelling enough that I haven't given up on reading yet.

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Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Collection 1-5

Books | Laurell K. Hamilton

Overarching concept is a little weak but episodic plots are good and definitely good for a laugh.

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How I Met Your Mother

Shows | Comedy

Interesting underpinning mystery. Strong characters and a great sexy energy throughout. The acting is a little stiff at times but a fun watch for anyone who enjoys a dark and moody fantasy.

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Lost Girl

Shows | Drama

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