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This is hard. I liked but disliked this. It had a great story line until close to the end. The idea of "purging " .... I can see that but how they tracked people was not realistic. The ending seemed a bit rushed to finish it when there was so much more to develop in the storyline. Ok watch.

The First Purge imageThe First Purge image

The First Purge

Movies | Action

Ice cube and Kevin.... OMGGGG full of fun and giggles

Ride Along imageRide Along image

Ride Along

Movies | Action

I love this too much.... anger, smiles, laughter and tears.... you get it all. This is a definite favor.

Why Did I Get Married? imageWhy Did I Get Married? image

Why Did I Get Married?

Movies | Comedy

I love love love this. Very clever and fast pace. I am ready for season 2. Also the English voice over was well done ... BRAVO

Lupin imageLupin image


Shows | Crime

This was good.... I liked the action and humour

Robin Hood imageRobin Hood image

Robin Hood

Movies | Adventure

This was eye opening. Makes you think.... what is really important?

The Minimalists: Less Is Now imageThe Minimalists: Less Is Now image

The Minimalists: Less Is Now

Movies | Documentary

This is today. This is real. This is heartbreaking truth. This movie won't make it to the mainstream because it touches the minds of those who hide in the shadows. No matter what or whose side you are on..... YOU WILL FEEL THIS.... and will never forget. Standing ovation.

American Skin imageAmerican Skin image

American Skin

Movies | Drama

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