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LeAnn Tran


Words cannot describe how much I love this story. I usually hate reading books with drama, but this book has just the right amount of it. It has enough drama to keep you hooked, but not so much that you want to ditch it. If you are in to good books, this one(and the series) is for you. (I cried four-ish times reading this)

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Stay with Me

Books | Jessica Cunsolo

This is so cute!! It didn’t have too much drama, but was still interesting enough. The cliffhanger though 😭😭

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She's With Me

Books | Jessica Cunsolo

This is honestly such a good book. I loved how it wasn’t predictable or had too much drama. The character development= AHHHHHHH❤️❤️

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Books | Rachael Rose

Obviously it was like other romances, but like all good romances, it was cry worthy and cute(with plot twists).

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Fight For Her

Books | Liz Plum

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