The most beautiful & BELIEVABLE love story I’ve seen in a long time! The dancing was exquisitely executed by all of the dancers and the choreography was unique. The lead characters had chemistry that reminded me of Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze. I absolutely loved all of the characters - I’ll definitely watch this one many more times! 10/10

Heartbeats imageHeartbeats image


Movies | Music

Such a nice movie. Quite different from others I've seen. I enjoyed it so much that I'd gladly watch again! Highly recommend! 8.5/10

Love in Store imageLove in Store image

Love in Store

Movies | Romance

Super cute #romantic #drama! The two lead characters have great chemistry and they are also very charismatic, as is the 'daughter' of the male lead. I would definitely watch this one again! 10/10

High Flying Romance imageHigh Flying Romance image

High Flying Romance

Movies | Romance

Cute movie with gorgeous views. Something was lacking - although I’m not sure what. Maybe it was the chemistry between the lead actors… 7/10

A Splash of Love imageA Splash of Love image

A Splash of Love

Movies | TV Movie

#romance #drama This one is about ‘competition’ & that being competitive is not always a bad thing. If fact, it can help you dig deeper, be more creative, practice harder, work smarter, etc. During your journey you have to REMEMBER: 1) an ‘easy win’ isn’t FUN, 2) never compromise your integrity to WIN, 3) if it isn’t FUN, it isn’t WORTH doing... 4) you, those you compete against, and those you take along your journey w/you are people and THAT is more important than any WIN. 8.5/10

Love on Ice imageLove on Ice image

Love on Ice

Movies | Romance

So PERFECT for Valentine’s Day! Loved the storyline too. Sometimes you get a rude awakening when someone you look up to turns out to be COMPLETELY different than what you believed. 10/10

A Dash of Love imageA Dash of Love image

A Dash of Love

Movies | Romance

Such a cute movie! If you could ONLY CHOOSE ONE - your dream job or the love of your life…which would you pick? 10/10

The Perfect Catch imageThe Perfect Catch image

The Perfect Catch

Movies | TV Movie

I’m definitely a fan of camping- - not even ‘glamping’ which is the setting of this movie. Because the main characters are played by Emilie Ullerup and Christopher Russell, I decided to watch it. I’m happy to say I’m glad I did. I really enjoyed it. 10/10

Nature of Love imageNature of Love image

Nature of Love

Movies | Romance

Spectacular! I’ve enjoyed watching it a couple of times and would enjoy watching it again. Great cast and storyline. This movie checks off my most favorite genres - #romance, #drama (the uplifting kind), #comedy

Love Takes Flight imageLove Takes Flight image

Love Takes Flight

Movies | TV Movie

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