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A lovely YA fantasy romance! Reminded me a bit of The Cruel Prince. I loved both main characters, their adventures and secrets, and the world-building was nice. I adored that while Clem was a strong female lead, she wasn't turned into a literal guy in a girl's body like many fantasy authors do with their badass heroines to show they're strong. The only thing I wanted is for this book turned into a series. I think we'd get a much better picture of the world and other characters that didn't get a chance to develop.

Dreams Lie Beneath imageDreams Lie Beneath image

Dreams Lie Beneath

Books | Rebecca Ross

I LOVE ALI HAZELWOOD! I had no idea she's publishing her novellas in a book, so it was a pleasant surprise when I saw it in the store. Trust me, these stories are worth reading if you're a romance fan! Under One Roof was my favorite because I prefer linear storytelling, but every novella is awesome because Ali Hazelwood creates fantastic male leads. Absolutely love them!

Loathe to Love You imageLoathe to Love You image

Loathe to Love You

Books | Ali Hazelwood

It's a nice book, and the idea seems very fresh and original to me. The Endla's world is wholesome, peculiar, and really interesting despite how small it is. I loved the description of customs, nature, and people's routine as well as Leelo's character and her and Jaren's adventure. The mystery of the forest was making me restless. But... there was no mystery, after all. I felt disappointed at how routine and almost boring Leelo's family secrets were. The events at the end of the book also didn't make much sense. I expected something grander. Great idea, nice characters, but incomplete plot and weak twists.

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The Poison Season

Books | Mara Rutherford

Wow, I'm in love with the male lead! The writer created such a wonderful character, I legit love all the scenes with him. Although some parts of the novel looked very unconvincing - heroine's relationship with her family and how quickly and easily all the problems were resolved - I did enjoy the romance part very much. A nice clean read!

Meet Me in the Margins imageMeet Me in the Margins image

Meet Me in the Margins

Books | Melissa Ferguson

Oh dear, I LOVED IT SO MUCH! It hurt a lot in the beginning - because Em's situation hits close to home - but then it became a perfect comfort book. I love the way the heroine heals from her traumas, perhaps more subtly than I expected, but she really does, and how the author sort of makes a statement, "Things change. YOU can change them. You won't be stuck in this limbo forever. Have courage, have hope." Perhaps I'm taking it too seriously, but it did make me cry a little. I'm happy I read this book.

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The Do-Over

Books | Lynn Painter

I liked the book, but I feel conflicted. The plot was great, and I did like the debates, politics, and the fantasy part, too, but I find the heroine to be very hard to sympathize with. It's not just that she's morally grey, it's something else, too, something very unlikable about the way she is described. It makes it hard for me to read the story, and I'm not sure I'm gonna buy the second book. Nevertheless, I did enjoy many plot twists!

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Violet Made of Thorns

Books | Gina Chen

Although I did press on "liked it", I don't think I really did. Maybe I'm just not a fan of these writers. Anyway, this book is really not about romance. As much as the authors tried to make it heartwarming, it's bleak and predictable. The adventure part of the book was interesting in the beginning, but the end was also very disappointing and felt unreal. I'd love it so much more if Lily actually found the proof her father cared about her more than he did about his hobby, but it didn’t happen either. It's ridiculous and unrealistic how she's fine with it, considering how hurt she was and how she never felt safe her whole life with parents who couldn't care less about her and her needs.

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Something Wilder

Books | Christina Lauren

Whyyyyy was it so short? I didn't realize I was at the end of the book until the typical big break-up happened. Can't say I was impressed with the ending because it felt rushed, but I really enjoyed most of the story. A quick, sweet read! Bonus points for the brave and passionate heroine who wore stilettos and designer dresses. I'm tired of not-like-others heroines, and Kate was everything I wanted.

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How Sweet It Is

Books | Dylan Newton

I was suprised to like this book! I'm not a fan of male leads giving off a**hole vibes, but then his behavior made sense, and he no longer seemed irritating. Georgie is a queen! I really loved her character and how she was fighting her way into being taken seriously by everyone. Light, sweet and funny book with some spice!

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Fix Her Up

Books | Tessa Bailey

It was a good book, and I really enjoyed it, but Aiden is officially the worst book boyfriend of any non-dark romance. The author can't make me believe in the change in his behavior unless she writes 100 pages about that guy getting therapy. At one point I just accepted Aiden in 1st and 2nd halves of the book were 2 completely different human beings. What I loved the most was Vanessa and her character. That girl deserves the world. I can't express how much I wanted to hug her and give her all the love she deserves.

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The Wall of Winnipeg and Me

Books | Mariana Zapata

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