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This is historical fiction about more recent history, about an author who made an indelible mark on his era, and I loved every bit of it.

The Swans of Fifth Avenue imageThe Swans of Fifth Avenue image

The Swans of Fifth Avenue

Books | Melanie Benjamin

Very nicely written, featuring shifting character perspectives with each chapter.

Sunflower Sisters imageSunflower Sisters image

Sunflower Sisters

Books | Martha Hall Kelly

My first Towles book, which inspired me to read everything he’s written! Eagerly awaiting his next book…

A Gentleman in Moscow imageA Gentleman in Moscow image

A Gentleman in Moscow

Books | Amor Towles

Writing from the perspective of an octopus is a bold act—it could have gone completely sideways but did not. Some of the writing is a little cringy but the book overall is satisfying and clever.

Remarkably Bright Creatures imageRemarkably Bright Creatures image

Remarkably Bright Creatures

Books | Shelby Van Pelt

The writing in this novel is impeccable and the portrayal of the family from which John Wilkes Booth emerged quite riveting.

Booth imageBooth image


Books | Karen Joy Fowler

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