Melissa Franulovich



As incredible as it is disturbing.

The Handmaid's Tale imageThe Handmaid's Tale image

The Handmaid's Tale

Shows | Drama

The host is a fantastic interviewer. This show and it's episodes are always 🔥- just as 🔥 as the hot sauces.

Hot Ones imageHot Ones image

Hot Ones

Shows | Talk

The jokes are always on point. The in between scenes of customers doing crazy sh*t is what I live for.

Superstore imageSuperstore image


Shows | Comedy

Always a great option when in the mood for bumbling hilarity.

Wellington Paranormal imageWellington Paranormal image

Wellington Paranormal

Shows | Comedy

The dry, sarcastic humor and chemistry between the actors is perfect.

What We Do in the Shadows imageWhat We Do in the Shadows image

What We Do in the Shadows

Shows | Comedy

Steve Harvey's reactions are *chef's kiss*. He's the best host.

Celebrity Family Feud imageCelebrity Family Feud image

Celebrity Family Feud


Leslie Jones was the best choice to host this reboot. She's perfect in this role.

Supermarket Sweep imageSupermarket Sweep image

Supermarket Sweep


Disturbing AF, but so worth the watch if you're into true crime &/or mysteries.

The Keepers imageThe Keepers image

The Keepers

Shows | Documentary

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