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Great story about right vs. wrong. May the best man win. True story/events. #JoeNamath

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Movies | Drama

What an amazing story, life and testimony. I know nothing about Cricket, but that does not take away from the story of success, failure and forgiveness. Moving testimony.

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Movies | Drama

Intense. Heart wrenching. Rough to get through. No one can deny this is a nightmare for anyone that experienced this. Indescribable horror. Inhuman.

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The Champion of Auschwitz

Movies | Drama

Could have been better…but a great story. An experienced pilot can see numerous flaws in this portrayal.

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On a Wing and a Prayer

Movies | Drama

Inspirational at so many levels. If you love music, this one is not to be missed. A great story. Enjoy.

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The Music of Silence

Movies | Drama

Watch this and see what theory you have. After watching this, I am curious what your thoughts are. Was the US involved? If it was shot down, why kill civilians? Debris? Major clean up? Was it forced down? Where? Satellite images of debris has been disregarded numerous times in this documentary. Did anyone go and search these locations? No closure on that speculation. I agree that there was enough military presence in the area that someone definitely knows something. Obviously, that cargo was something extremely controversial to jeopardize all of these civilians. We’re all of the passengers investigated? Dropped the ball on flight similarity comparisons to speculated flight pattern. More conclusive evidence of this pilot and intentions. There are numerous speculations and conspiracy theories that leave us all bewildered and confused. Our hearts go out to these families that are still waiting for answers. #AviationMystery #Malaysia #ConspiracyTheory

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Lost: MH 370


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