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Luke • he/they • 18 • heyyy what’s up? I’m an animation enthusiast and I watch too many movies! No offense to you fellow film watchers but a lot of the reviews on this app are a little stale :/ and far too many of the animated films are recommended as “good for the kids”... I’m here to not only shake things up a bit review wise but spread the message that ANIMATION IS FOR EVERYONE!! (And it’s also not a genre but that’s another conversation lol). Anyway... stay sweet, my friend! <3


I kid you not. This is the most hilarious thing. Ever. Period. You won’t regret watching it.

Real-Time Fandub Games: Sonic The Hedgehog imageReal-Time Fandub Games: Sonic The Hedgehog image

Real-Time Fandub Games: Sonic The Hedgehog

Movies | Comedy

Not as complex or amazing as number one but this movie is so funny and just a joy to watch. It’s really nice to see more Elastigirl. All the new characters are so much fun as well. Seriously I love Winston Deavor. Visually this movie is STUNNING. It’s amazing to see how far computer animation has evolved as a whole in such a short period of time. Overall this movie is so great, I’ve already watched it countless times in the past few years.

Incredibles 2 imageIncredibles 2 image

Incredibles 2

Movies | Action

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