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Black family, Black love, problem solving as a family. Working on Communication and understanding. These are the things we need to be better as a community! The images you absorb dictates what you do and how you act for the most part. These are the things that I thought about watching this show! I can’t wait for the next season

Bel-Air imageBel-Air image



It only has two episodes thus far it’s funny and I’m loving the vibe of it! Let’s hope it ends as good as it started! Ending strong is kind of more important then how you start.

Rap Sh!t imageRap Sh!t image

Rap Sh!t

Shows | Comedy

This was my **** bring on more episodes!!! Crazy action & adventure more like it. If that’s your vibe then this is for you!!

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The Venture Bros.

Shows | Animation

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