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Real tears but more importantly unbelievable chemistry.

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Upcoming Summer

Movies | Romance

Need to watch it again, fond memory of my childhood.

Waiting to Exhale imageWaiting to Exhale image

Waiting to Exhale

Movies | Comedy

As a black Canadian no show has showed me the history of this country better. It’s truly worth the while. Adoption, feminism, racism, religion, residential schools, all adressed here.

Anne with an E imageAnne with an E image

Anne with an E

Shows | Drama

I’ve only seen season 1 but it was GREAT. So entertaining and it explores many different issues. Fun watch full of emotions

Why Women Kill imageWhy Women Kill image

Why Women Kill

Shows | Comedy

Classic from my childhood. No one can take it away from me…it’s so light hearted for the most part and it explores so many facets of the period. Beautiful

War of the Buttons imageWar of the Buttons image

War of the Buttons

Movies | Adventure

…not for me…not bad but not for me. It’s your typical gangster movies that hypercapitalistic people enjoy (especially boys)

American Gangster imageAmerican Gangster image

American Gangster

Movies | Drama

Truly amazing, it’s stuck with me ever since i was little. And even tho I usually hate gangster movies, this one involves enough nuances to enjoy. Side note: if I was the lil girl we could have never been after THAT scene…

A Bronx Tale imageA Bronx Tale image

A Bronx Tale

Movies | Drama

Literally one of the best movies I’ve ever watched, PLEASE watch it. I can’t even say anything this should be a completely blind first watch.

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The Handmaiden

Movies | Thriller

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