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This show is so good…if you’re about to start or thinking about starting it please, please, PUHLEASE remember what the title of the show is! Why? Baby - it can be & is sad in moments. Not so much that you’ll be disappointed though. It’s an All Star cast and they’re living up to that title completely!

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Our Blues

Shows | Drama

I don’t love it but I don’t dislike it either. I wish there was a “meh” rating option. So far I would describe the show as quirky & cutesy. I keep waiting for the antagonist to own up to his feelings - it’s taking too long. I’m gonna keep watching because I’m invested at this point but I’m not ecstatic about it.

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Shooting Stars

Shows | Drama

How do I keep finding dramas with grim reapers? Does that say something about me? 🤔 I started this on my midweek day off and I’m already done with 7 episodes. What?!? Needless to say this drama is AMAZING! Seeing Kim Sejeong in this type role after seeing her in The Business Proposal is refreshing. Her range is great! Can’t to see how this ends! ( If you’re a person who cries while watching emotional tv your heartstrings may be pulled in a few scenes - be warned 💜🫰🏾)

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The Uncanny Counter


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