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There's nothing unique about me.


It was exciting and it has amazing plot-twists

The Game imageThe Game image

The Game

Movies | Drama

Attractive, beautiful and beautiful again

In the Mood for Love imageIn the Mood for Love image

In the Mood for Love

Movies | Drama

Relatable, good and deep conversations, wonderful cinematography

Taipei Suicide Story imageTaipei Suicide Story image

Taipei Suicide Story

Movies | Drama

This movie's lullaby... Got my heart. A masterpiece, comfort movie

The Tale of The Princess Kaguya imageThe Tale of The Princess Kaguya image

The Tale of The Princess Kaguya

Movies | Animation

Not a mystery not a thriller just annoying characters... I think not the plot but the characters made this movie a mystery. Like why the hell the lead doesn't close his mouth for once? Annoying annoying annoying

Burning imageBurning image


Movies | Mystery

This is the first time i have ever seen a toxic couple in a movie, as i remember. They want each other, but they can't get along. They are so different from each other, which makes their relationship much more insteresting and bounding for them, though. Taking care of him when he is in need, doesn't care about him and getting bored when he fully recovered but after a while when he misses him, he goes to his old place, cleaning and just sitting, weeping his eyes out... I am speechless.

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Happy Together

Movies | Drama

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