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Documentary Addict 🎬 True Crime Connoisseur


True crime series about ppl who just up and vanished, never to be seen or heard from ever again.

Never Seen Again imageNever Seen Again image

Never Seen Again


This new Hulu docuseries interviews ppl on both sides of a crime. Split-screens and a back-and forth format, the two main individuals in a crime are interviewed, and their stories are supplemented with a generous amount of reenactments. Very interesting show if ur a true crime fan.

Who Do You Believe? imageWho Do You Believe? image

Who Do You Believe?


Cute, heart warming show. This is the United States version that just came out.

Love on the Spectrum U.S. imageLove on the Spectrum U.S. image

Love on the Spectrum U.S.

Shows | Documentary

Just wasted 40 mins tryna get into this movie….lacking alot in my opinion😴

On the Count of Three imageOn the Count of Three image

On the Count of Three

Movies | Drama

It was okay. Former SNL cast members, what do u expect lol

I Love That for You imageI Love That for You image

I Love That for You

Shows | Comedy

So incredibly bizarre, including the main character, however it’s one of these intriguing series I can’t stop watching…

Russian Doll imageRussian Doll image

Russian Doll

Shows | Comedy

One of my top 5 shows. Can’t wait for part 1 of this new season dropping end of the month!🔥

Ozark imageOzark image


Shows | Crime

Great actor, great comedian. Love David Spade. So funny and clever u can’t help but laugh whenever he opens his mouth cuz he’s that comical n goofy. “This is nuckin futs”😜

David Spade: Nothing Personal imageDavid Spade: Nothing Personal image

David Spade: Nothing Personal

Movies | Comedy

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