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A family moves into their suburban dream home, only to discover they've inherited a nightmare.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2022-10-13

Last Air Date 2022-10-13

Seasons 1

Episodes 7


TMDB 7.5


Hayden Talley's profile image

hayden_talley shared a tip "very interesting"

Rhonda Jean's profile image

rhonda_jean_602 shared a tip "3 out of 5 stars"

Ty 's profile image

ty_3204 shared a tip "The house has a lot of history"

C-man 's profile image

gaydrag shared a tip "We adding pedophilia to true stories for funsies now"

Zoe 's profile image

zolree shared a tip "it’s really interesting and i really enjoyed it."

Zoe 's profile image

zolree shared a tip "It’s kinda slow but it’s pretty interesting."

megan 's profile image

megsalad shared a tip "4/10 waste of time, so soapy"

Shrek 's profile image

fionat.26 shared a tip "Definitely creepy. I thought it was very interesting. Only problem was that it had a bad ending due to it being a true story."

HORROR 🩸👻🔪's profile image

kristina_barnes_7201 shared a tip "I didn't realize that this series was based on a true story! A wild story too! I wonder if they're still out there 👀"

mikew shared a tip "The watcher case remains unsolved."

cathy_r_5180 shared a tip "Very suspenseful. Based on a true story also."

elizabeth_stewart shared a tip "Watching privileged white people scream obscenities at each other is not my idea of a good time."

Somaya🩺🥼 's profile image

somaya3168 shared a tip "It was definitely a good show it creep me out though"

Chynna Romney's profile image

chynna_romney shared a tip "Highly recommend! A very fun watch"

Sherine Magbaleta's profile image

sherine_magbaleta shared a tip "If you love triller mysteries, i recommend watching this"

J🪐 's profile image

joi_boyd shared a tip "1-3 episodes had me, then it lost me🤷🏾‍♀️"

Monse 's profile image

montse_bc shared a tip "It was good at the beginning and then the end kinda ruined it :/"

Zyon Jones's profile image

zyon_jones shared a tip "this was a decent show i don’t like how it ended and i wish it could’ve bren more eventful"

kira_g_9790 shared a tip "I like this one classic case of whodunit!"

renda_crabtree shared a tip "I'm only 3 episodes in, but so far this is very, very slow"

Sam Bellettiere's profile image

sam_bellettiere shared a tip "Every episode leaves you guessing what's going to happen next. It's hard not to binge all them at once."

Kerry Widener's profile image

kerry_widener shared a tip "Very good! If you like psychological stuff you'll love this!"

SarcasticDragon 's profile image

katniss_narnia shared a tip "This series was way weird and had me hooked from the start,can’t believe it’s only 7 episodes!"

Hillary 's profile image

capitol_hill shared a tip "6/10! Slow, slow burn and not many reasons to like or care about the main characters. I got bored but finished"

shauna_taylor shared a tip "Pure rubbish. Nothing like the actual story. This is a 4 minutes news story dragged out into a series. Avoid. so silly."

Alexis Fiore's profile image

alexis_fiore shared a tip "Jennifer Coolidge will make any movie great."

Karen Allen's profile image

karen_allen_8433 shared a tip "#plottwist"

cat_6870 shared a tip "A bit too much and wtf ending. Not 👍🏼 and not 👎🏼"

Jennie Dahl's profile image

jennie_dahl shared a tip "So creepy!"

Savannah Mitchell's profile image

savannah_mitchell_4252 shared a tip "Omg I loved this so much that I didn’t want find out the ending so I restarted it instead of watching the last episode"

Laura 's profile image

l._e._m. shared a tip "This was great.... Just don't know how much of it is fact or fiction...."

Schwamberger 's profile image

themrs.schwamberger shared a tip "Based on true story!"

ashley_may_3461 shared a tip "Loved the suspense! Binge worthy!"

lori_o_73 shared a tip "Too campy and over-acted."

Cindy Heiens's profile image

cindy_heiens shared a tip "No very accurate but it was a fun watch!"

cheli J's profile image

cheli_j shared a tip "I'm in the middle, it was so so. I hated that nothing was solved."

Essence Lopez's profile image

essence_lopez shared a tip "Had you guessing the whole time. Ends with a crazy cliff hanger keeping you guessing still"

julie_w_7254 shared a tip "Dumb"

shirley_solano_5799 shared a tip "Am interesting true story I had to watch to thee end in one binge!"

Sara Lichty's profile image

sara_lichty shared a tip "Didn't like the ending, anticlimactic! Not scary or creepy.."

Taylor Cardinal's profile image

taylor_cardinal_2098 shared a tip "The true story and unsolved true crime is what got me to like it"

emilie_singh shared a tip "Sooooo good!"

Deena 's profile image

deena_c shared a tip "I binged it. Really good mystery. Definitely worth the watch"

randy_ostro shared a tip "Amazing! So strange and based on a true story. Really good"

Annie Solomon's profile image

annie_solomon shared a tip "I watched it all in one night, little confusing but worth a watch…….❤️"

Veronica Adderley's profile image

veronica_adderley shared a tip "Incredible show!!! Ryan Murphy did it again!!! This is the best show I have ever seen!!! Don’t walk, RUN to watch This!!!"

linda_etter shared a tip "Suspenseful, true story, good actors"

amy_3458 shared a tip "It took a very interesting true story and made it incredibly boring."

Paige G's profile image

kpaigey shared a tip "This is the weirdest eff'n shat I've seen in a long time and I'm loving it. If it wasn't a book it sure as hell should be."

carla oreilly's profile image

carla_oreilly shared a tip "To drawn out not suspenseful just annoying"

Suzanne Root's profile image

suzanne_root shared a tip "Kept me guessing until the end and a even after!"

H Carrell's profile image

h_carrell shared a tip "Yasss! Binged the whole season. I could not stop watching. You won’t be disappointed!"

jillian_niedz shared a tip "100%"

lynn_caile shared a tip "Wish it had a few more answers at the end"

NerdyGirl 's profile image

NerdyGirl_5290 shared a tip "It was ok but I hate shows that don't tell you who it was in the end waste of my time watching this."

patricia_saeva shared a tip "It was Just ok. Could have been better with that cast."

lydia_foreman shared a tip "Terrible"

Ashley Leonard's profile image

ashley_leonard_4207 shared a tip "Very disappointed in ending because you don’t get a resolution"

amela_rizvanovic shared a tip "I liked it and wanted more"

tracy_iafelice shared a tip "Great story but terrible acting."

Grace Filkins's profile image

grace_filkins shared a tip "Thrilling and twisty. Loved it."

father suck's profile image

father_suck shared a tip "LOVED the spooky aspects to it!"

mary_schmauss shared a tip "Point the finger kind of thriller show. It was really good but I hope they make more episodes!"

wendy_thomas_268 shared a tip "This is soooo good and it’s based on a true story!! You won’t want to stop watching!!!"

waleed_al shared a tip "Really really goood !"

Kathleen Kunkle's profile image

kathleen_kunkle shared a tip "It was okay. 3 out of 5 starts off with a lot of suspense. Could have been 5 episodes, 8 was too long."

Shelby 's profile image

shelbyyphillips shared a tip "Reminds me of the movie Clue ! A great binge watch !"

Katie Tanner's profile image

katie_tanner shared a tip "No conclusion. Waste of time."

Jolottie Hunter's profile image

jolottie_hunter shared a tip "Keeps you guessing, always on edge! I love it!"

dude_cool_7 shared a tip "Totally disjointed. Not even sure why they made this show"

stacey_429 shared a tip "Loved this!!!"

Laura 's profile image

laura_heibs shared a tip "giving this another watch with my stepmom"

Angie Turner's profile image

angie_turner_5571 shared a tip "I liked it. Kept me guessing all the way to the end."

rashaad_pritchett shared a tip "It was good the ending was a bit anticlimactic tho"

L Mcnary's profile image

l_mcnary shared a tip "Ok, what did I just watch? Am I the watcher? 😬"

Leanne G. 🧿's profile image

leegoe shared a tip "What a friggin’ mess.. however, couldn’t stop watching. "

Stephanie Brewster's profile image

stephanie_brewster shared a tip "Such a great series!! Being based on true story it was so engaging. Highly recommend it 👍👍👍"

Tammy Weston Blessing's profile image

tammy_weston_blessi shared a tip "Excellent"

Henk Holveck's profile image

henk_holveck shared a tip "Great cast! Amazing adaptation of a terrifying true story."

Meg Budries's profile image

meg_budries shared a tip "Great amount of suspense and leaves you questioning"

mikayla 's profile image

pienosole shared a tip "they shouldve kept this in the drafts until the real watcher was found but i still enjoyed it"

Phoebi ʕ ͡❛ ᴥ ͡❛ʔ's profile image

phoebiap shared a tip "the ending just ruined it."

Jillian 's profile image

j_voll shared a tip "Pretty good."

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