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I got hooked on this show by accident. 🥰 I love everything about this show - the characters, the drama, the relationships, the suspense. Such a change from Law & Order: SVU, another show I love. 😍

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Chicago Fire

Shows | Drama

I don't think "Rich & Shameless: Girls Gone Wild Exposed" can hold a torch to this one. This man didn't have an ion of remorse towards his victims and the rest of the world that was offended. "Revenge ****" was his choice of weapon. Scares me that the internet is PERMANENT. Great 3 episode documentary, though.

The Most Hated Man on the Internet imageThe Most Hated Man on the Internet image

The Most Hated Man on the Internet

Shows | Documentary

Umm...😬🤔🧐🤨😳 Never seen so much gore in a while. WARNING: this movie is squeamish for the faint of heart (and stomach).

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The Sadness

Movies | Thriller

I just got tested positive for COVID, so this is a movie (although animated) I can put a face on COVID to know how to beat it. Don't judge; it's my favorite movie anyway and it makes me feel good that I'm beating it. 🙂

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Osmosis Jones

Movies | Adventure

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