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Rhonda Downum



I could watch this on a film loop! Anyone that’s a homeowner needs to watch this. Belly laugh each and every time!!

The Money Pit imageThe Money Pit image

The Money Pit

Movies | Comedy

Makes you ask questions about everything. Such an amazing film altogether!!

The Talented Mr. Ripley imageThe Talented Mr. Ripley image

The Talented Mr. Ripley

Movies | Thriller

Performances - 100% Screenplay - 100% Strong female lead - 100%

The Hours imageThe Hours image

The Hours

Movies | Drama

Amazing performances. Groundbreaking premise. Ahead of it’s time!!

The Birdcage imageThe Birdcage image

The Birdcage

Movies | Comedy

One of the standouts of its time. Added plus is the soundtrack.

The Sting imageThe Sting image

The Sting

Movies | Comedy

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