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An Amazing book! do read the rest the series tho!

Claudia and Mean Janine imageClaudia and Mean Janine image

Claudia and Mean Janine

Books | M. Martin Ann

Great book do recommend reading the whole book series

The Truth about Stacey imageThe Truth about Stacey image

The Truth about Stacey

Books | Ann M. Martin

I red this for a assignment in 5th grade! It was so good pls read!

Hatchet imageHatchet image


Books | Gary Paulsen

Definitely a great book! A lot of words and descriptions u probably wouldn’t want ur young children reading, but is still a great book!

This One Summer imageThis One Summer image

This One Summer

Books | Mariko Tamaki

We all have bad moments, and sometimes need help

Guts imageGuts image


Books | Scholastic

Great book shows Greta representation of how a sister relationship would be, and it. It has its ups and downs!

Sisters (Free Preview Edition) imageSisters (Free Preview Edition) image

Sisters (Free Preview Edition)

Books | Raina Telgemeier

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