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Kamisama Kiss is a really good romance anime. About a school girl named Nanami and a fox/human named Tomoe. The anime has some really cute romance scenes in it along with drama & comedy. I highly recommend this anime to any romance anime lovers. #drama #comedy #romance #fantasy

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Kamisama Kiss

Shows | Animation

If you like Vampires & Apocalyptic animes this anime is definitely for you. There's a ton of fight scenes that are really interesting. The plot is well developed, as well. #drama #fantasy #action

Seraph of the End imageSeraph of the End image

Seraph of the End

Shows | Action & Adventure

This MHA movie is one of my favorite movies to watch. It's filled with Action and fight scenes. #action

My Hero Academia: HEROES:RISING imageMy Hero Academia: HEROES:RISING image

My Hero Academia: HEROES:RISING


I love this anime if you like cute adventures and wholesome content this anime is for you.

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Little Witch Academia

Movies | Action

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