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I am a reader who wants to become a writer someday, minor, she/her


It was really good through the beginning and middle and the end was soooo good for me but then my two fav characters bronwyn and Nate broke up and it kinda ruined it for me 😂 I would recommend it to others though it’s a good read!! (It’s also very long)

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One of Us Is Lying

Books | Karen M. McManus

I liked it for the first three seasons... Then Christina broke up with Burke. The show disinterested me and I stopped watching-i only watch the first three seasons and pretend like there was no more after that..I would recommend it to people who can't get attached to relationships and characters easily and people who can watch 16+ seasons...

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Grey's Anatomy

Shows | Drama

It is so sad yet so loving. This short story touches effects of animal abuse. It is a story about neglectment and physical abuse. It ends with a touching ending, do watch this please it only is 8 minutes and it is a touching story. I loved it!

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Movies | Animation

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