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Valerie Eustace



Good movie! Some may expect the movie to follow the original cartoon like some of the other cartoons, like i did, it does not, but actual is a good watch👍🏼

Mulan imageMulan image


Movies | Adventure

I can watch this comedy over & over! Funny & has a good heart feeling at the end!👍🏼❣️

The Other Woman imageThe Other Woman image

The Other Woman

Movies | Comedy

I could watch this OVER & OVER! Robert De Niro steals my heart in this movie. Ann Hathaway 🙌🏼 one of my fav ladies. I love this movie!

The Intern imageThe Intern image

The Intern

Movies | Comedy

Tear jerker🥲 ❣️🍷movie night.

Charlie St. Cloud imageCharlie St. Cloud image

Charlie St. Cloud

Movies | Drama

This kids was a natural menace😁 Good movie!

Dennis the Menace imageDennis the Menace image

Dennis the Menace

Movies | Family

ALL TIMES CHRISTMAS FAV for ME!! I start watching on Halloween night, while handing out candy. Well this yr 2020 no candy. 😔. #GRINCH #christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas imageHow the Grinch Stole Christmas image

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Movies | Family

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