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A rather faithful adaptation with a few liberties taken (and done well!). Really helped illustrate in a more grandiose fashion the terror the characters felt. Loved the casting, and I definitely need to watch it again.

Watership Down imageWatership Down image

Watership Down

Shows | Animation

Perhaps one of my favorite books to date, I found an amazing edition on ebay and I made sure to now even crease the pages as I read this perhaps nonstop for a few nights...

Watership Down imageWatership Down image

Watership Down

Books | Richard Adams

Preeeeetty sure I've listened to this audiobook more times than I can count. Has me hooked as a young teen and still one of my favorite renditions of a vampire invasion.

The Strain imageThe Strain image

The Strain

Books | Guillermo Del Toro

Some amazing insight from several unique perspectives when it comes to film, behind the scenes, and personal experiences... and action! (And Adkins.)

Action for Everyone imageAction for Everyone image

Action for Everyone

Podcasts | Film History

I now listen to this at work and it keeps me sane. Even if I look insane smiling and chuckling to myself. These good boys never fail to make my day.

My Brother, My Brother And Me imageMy Brother, My Brother And Me image

My Brother, My Brother And Me

Podcasts | Comedy

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