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A secret life is the one thing they have in common. At school, Hori is a prim and perfect social butterfly, but the truth is she's a brash homebody. Meanwhile, under a gloomy facade, Miyamura hides a gentle heart, along with piercings and tattoos. In a chance meeting, they both reveal a side they've

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Ended

First Air Date 2021-01-10

Last Air Date 2021-04-04

Seasons 1

Episodes 13


TMDB 8.656


Jess 's profile image

jessica_7565 shared a tip "Such an adorable love story"

Cinny 's profile image

Cinnamon_ shared a tip "It’s so cute and I would say wholesome, but it’s a romantic comedy type deal. I can and will watch it over and over again!"

Amber Critchlow's profile image

amber_critchlow_3053 shared a tip "Super cute! A little slow, but really sweet. Strong female protagonists."

random 's profile image

random_7001 shared a tip "a really genuine romance story, short and sweet and fun"

Miyuthenight 's profile image

miy shared a tip "Best romance anime by far I’ve seen the characters are not annoying and everyone is so pretty 🤗🤗"

Rachel Craddock's profile image

rachel_craddock_8042 shared a tip "Beautiful feel-good anime! Nothing super emotional but it’s super sweet and the characters are lovely."

Alexis Garcia's profile image

alexis_garcia_6885 shared a tip "It was cute and well adapted from the manga, I wish it could have been longer"

Starrygiirl 's profile image

starrygiirl shared a tip "I love a good fluffy freind group"

Alyanna Ramos's profile image

dreamyal shared a tip "gosh, there were so many different tropes in just thirteen episodes. this anime is fun and it portrays high school pretty well!"

MWAH!MWAH!MWAH!💋 's profile image

junkyard.bimb00bz shared a tip "Literally amazing, I've rewatched it tons of times and it's just so sweet and cute"

Jewel Giles's profile image

jewel_giles shared a tip "It was sooo good"

Chloe 's profile image

love._chloe shared a tip "One of my fave animes"

Lia 's profile image

woshuaa shared a tip "absolutely! it follows the stories of some of the side characters too which makes it more interesting imo ‎ ◡̎"

Suki 's profile image

sadoderechan shared a tip "So cute!!"

kyndal_metts shared a tip "It’s really sweet and has a very cute but little cringe love story"

Jaraisa Morales's profile image

jaraisa_morales shared a tip "Beautiful anime, the characters and the plot is just amazing definitely a funny anime"

Kylee Schieck's profile image

kylee_schieck shared a tip "It is great 😊"

Chelsea Appiah-kubi's profile image

chelsea_appiah-kubi shared a tip "Love love love !!!"

dani_._1567 shared a tip "My favorite series ever. If you haven’t already watched it go watch it rn"

katie_dominguez shared a tip "So far I like it! It’s a very cute slice of life anime"

Mishboy 's profile image

Mishboy shared a tip "10/10 slice of life"

Amy Botsis's profile image

amy_botsis shared a tip "Its just butiful and one of my favourite animes 10/10"

kt albano's profile image

kt_albano shared a tip "i’m obsessed with this show omg & the scene with the clay candy wrecked my life"

Sierra-Leone 's profile image

suprsaiyansi shared a tip "romance anime is my weakness. just trust me and watch it"

lethalsnipes shared a tip "Hell yea"

CloudHHouse 's profile image

cloudhhouse shared a tip "SCREW IT HE CUT HIS HAIR HE WAS HOT AF BEFORE (sorry I just can’t comprehend this)"

Kass lynn's profile image

kass_lynn shared a tip "One of the best romance anime I've ever seen so far"

kyle_turner_8982 shared a tip "Touching while being pretty funny. Very much like toradora but not quite"

Cera 's profile image

thatblackgirl shared a tip "Absolutely. Yes. If you're going to watch anything from this list make it this one"

Desiree Ferrell's profile image

desiree_ferrell shared a tip "I love anime’s that have good fighting but if I’m not laughing off the couch then throw the anime away! #comedy"

Alison Balitaan's profile image

alison_balitaan shared a tip "absolutely perfect"

gariunna_chapman shared a tip "such a great romance !!"

Olivia Heath's profile image

olivia_heath shared a tip "Sooo cute! I normally don’t like slice of life/romance all that much but I really look forward to the weekly updates!"

A MackVlogs's profile image

a_mackvlogs shared a tip "Perfect amount of romance, slice of life, and comedy"

sahana_ravichandran shared a tip "9/10."

Lauren Cecilia's profile image

lauren_cecilia shared a tip "Ok this show is so cute 🥰. Recommend watching it"

gabby 🧚🏽🕯🩸's profile image

rottenfairyyy shared a tip "i loved it, it’s so cute"

Chante Mack's profile image

chante_mack shared a tip "Such a feel good high school romance"

breanna smith's profile image

breanna_smith_7943 shared a tip "Loved the manga and anime. Loved the relationships between all the characters whether it’s romantic or friendship"

sarah_marrin shared a tip "It is a chill show, I enjoyed watching it!"

diana 's profile image

diana_876 shared a tip "It was really wholesome and I loved the main couples dynamic"

Leslie Dennis's profile image

leslie_dennis_8072 shared a tip "Probably one of my top 5 favorite anime ever. If only there was more"

Yan A.O.D's profile image

yan_a.o.d shared a tip "A super cute love story❤"

Marley Newsome's profile image

marley_newsome shared a tip "Finished this SHORT and Cute anime! Would recommend, it's on Funimation."

Kimberly Mason's profile image

kimberly_mason_3370 shared a tip "I'm really enjoying Fena: Pirate princess"

Peachadee puff's profile image

peachadee_puff shared a tip "Briliant character driven comedy. Lots of heart! I wish more slice of life romances were like this."

Shea L ❤️'s profile image

shea_lightcap shared a tip "Blue spring ride is similar and that was pretty good"

savanna_garland shared a tip "i love yona of the dawn"

Rebs 's profile image

Reb633 shared a tip "My gOD they make me feel so single yet so complete!! Absolutely LOVEE this romance anime. Definitely one of my favorites"

Zucchini Alnahas's profile image

zucchini_alnahas shared a tip "This show is perfect for hopeless romantics! #hopelessromantic"

Exhilarating Corpse's profile image

exhilarating_corpse shared a tip "It was so sweet i cant :(("

Mr Krabs's profile image

thehamlooksweird shared a tip "Adorable. Every second is wonderfully written. Excellent pacing, no filler content. All lovable characters. Hilarious."

Keny Mateos's profile image

keny_mateos shared a tip "It was funny, pure, and made me relate to highschool with making friends, having crushes, and helping one another"

KDBpmt 's profile image

kdbpmt shared a tip "This is my favorite anime❤️ The animation and the way they write the characters."

Maura D's profile image

Maura_D shared a tip "Quick watch that leaves you warm and fuzzy 😊"

Zy_ 's profile image

bunny.exe shared a tip "It was easy to enjoy!"

Jordan Stuckey's profile image

jordan_stuckey shared a tip "One of my favorite slice of life/romance"

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Genesis Llewellyn's profile image

genesis_llewellyn shared a tip "Just *chef's kiss*"

kaitlyn_6583 shared a tip "yes I really liked it"

sour patch's profile image

sour_patch shared a tip "this is a super cute anime i loved it!!!"

Miguel Rosas's profile image

miguel_rosas_1018 shared a tip "Nice"

Adrika Ghosh's profile image

adrikaspamms shared a tip "Its so cute and comforting"

Peggy Spaghetti's profile image

peggy_spaghetti shared a tip "Did anyone else feel that the ending of this show was rushed?"

Ana Aviles's profile image

ana_aviles_791 shared a tip "Love it one of my favorites"

Tanya Konan's profile image

tanya_konan shared a tip "This was just a realistic anime. Like, it wasn’t all dramatic but it was very relatable"

Madison Oaster's profile image

madison_oaster shared a tip "It was funny"

Jae Lucien's profile image

jae_lucien shared a tip "Can't get enough!"

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ella_914 shared a tip "Amazing This is my go to if I want a good laugh or if I just want a low key show! 100% recommend 🤌🏻"

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