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When Yadomi Jinta was a child, he was a central piece in a group of close friends. In time, however, these childhood friends drifted apart, and when they became high school students, they had long ceased to think of each other as friends. One of the friends from that group, Honma Meiko, now has a w

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Status Ended

First Air Date 2011-04-15

Last Air Date 2011-06-24

Seasons 1

Episodes 11


TMDB 8.6


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Kazumi shared a tip "Average show with a cheap way at getting the audience to feel emotional. Take a closer look and see how it fails at doing so."

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yours shared a tip "made me cry like a mad man"

vanessa_367 shared a tip "I watched this in a parking lot in the rain when it was dark and it just made it sadder"

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kenzieb shared a tip "emotionally attached to this show </3"

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silvers shared a tip "#anime #sad #drama #animation #love"

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rebekah_antis shared a tip "If you need something to make you cry, this is the anime for you!"

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shay1 shared a tip "Ugh now I'm crying"

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.Nexuko_fluff shared a tip "This anime made me cry i love it tho"

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leslie_dennis_8072 shared a tip "MENMA WE FOUND YOU!"

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tohrufied shared a tip "it was sad at the end but other than that i really liked it"

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mayra_garced shared a tip "Make sure you have lots of tissues"

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alek_gartland shared a tip "This show destroyed me in the best way possible."

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miranda_lopez_6438 shared a tip "If you want to just cry without being judged this is it. Heart warming and tragically sad."

defective_cat_ shared a tip "."

tania_osorio shared a tip "This is actually one of my favorite anime’s! Always brings me to tears!"

abhika shared a tip "It’s a really good show and if you’re looking for a short and sweet anime this is a good one!"

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navi_theotaku shared a tip "Watch somewhere you don't mind crying"

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aux_kord shared a tip "U will cry like a there's no way around the crying."

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your_daily_lazy_person shared a tip "I loved it I would recommend it to other people it made me cry"

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harper_halley shared a tip "It was a very cute storyline but it was over hyped for being sad. But its still very good"

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shruko shared a tip "Have tissues with you, that's all I'm gonna say"

mia_juarez_7753 shared a tip "I cried so much"

cassie_macaluso shared a tip "The entire story made me cry it’s so sad, if you want to see a romantic heart break you should definitely watch this 🥺"

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hector_joel shared a tip "Highly recommended if you wanna get emotionally hurt for a while. Its available on Netflix"

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quitobarajas shared a tip "If you want to cry happy tears, watch this."

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angelo_manuel shared a tip "Bring the tissues because your going to cry"

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helen_perko shared a tip "Such a sweet, wholesome show. Takes a couple episodes to get into it though."

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udham_bains shared a tip "Yo that last scene tho really made me cry when they had to say good bye."

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deleted_user_1607090456024 shared a tip "All I gotta say is grab tissues."

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israel_flores_3127 shared a tip "It was sad but it was warm hearted"

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fura_faolox shared a tip "It was great. First anime to make me cry"

Dazani Szewcik's profile image

dazani_szewcik shared a tip "This is a masterpiece of its own right (warning will make u cry )😭"

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ben_isagamer shared a tip "It was the first anime to make me cry and I watched that pokemon movie with pikachu and ash almost dying"

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thehappytophat shared a tip "Wholesome"

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bella_randazzo shared a tip "So good I cried Under rated to the max"

kayla_r_4638 shared a tip "Very emotional"

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haydenhasnolife shared a tip "This one is SO GOOD- it’s slightly slow-paced and can be frustrating but it’s a really emotional and beautiful story"

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moonlight_sky shared a tip "*crying noises*"

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erika_gehrling shared a tip "So sad and powerful!"

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zoe_saraiah shared a tip "One of my favorite animes"

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soysauske shared a tip "Fantastic show! One of my only 10/10 shows. Very impactful and great lessons on life."

snazzy_ricecakes shared a tip "One thing is if you want a heart warming show that might leave you I tears this is the one 😌🤚‼️"

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anxiousrhino shared a tip "Way too good! I was crying like a toddler"

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amalia_gonzalez shared a tip "I was not prepared for this. I cried so hard. I totally recommend if you enjoy tearjerkers and sad films"

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ZUFO shared a tip "Really good and a bit sad"

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vedaa shared a tip "made me cry for like two days 😫"

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alcry_4 shared a tip "One word (BEUTIFUL)"

logan_heck shared a tip "cried to this"

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evennie_velasco shared a tip "I am a big fan of tear-jerkers #tearjerkers #anime #animation #cry #sadbutamazing"

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