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After a family tragedy turns her life upside down, 16-year-old high school student Tohru Honda takes matters into her own hands and moves out… into a tent! Unfortunately for her, she pitches her new home on private land belonging to the mysterious Soma clan, and it isn't long before the owners disco

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Ended

First Air Date 2019-04-06

Last Air Date 2021-07-22

Seasons 3

Episodes 63


TMDB 8.4


Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "I'm an anime fan this is my favorite one"

Katrice Masters's profile image

katrice_masters shared a tip "Thanks for all the recs and suggestions"

Destini Arrington's profile image

destini_arrington shared a tip "Love is War is very good hbu"

Barbara Epps's profile image

barbara_epps shared a tip "I love this anime I watched the original year's ago bit they remade it last year"

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lKagome2700 shared a tip "A girl who comes into contact with a family who turns into animals from the Chinese zodiac when hug by the opposite sex"

Cassidy Mac's profile image

cassidy_mac shared a tip "Way better than the earlier Fruits Basket Anime"

Kelly LeBlanc's profile image

kelly_leblanc_8813 shared a tip "Absolutely love this show. Cannot wait for the third season. Currently halfway through season 2 😭"

Amber Garner's profile image

amber_critchlow_3053 shared a tip "So cute and sweet! #love #romance #anime"

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annie7516 shared a tip "Loving it so far ☺ I read the manga years ago and seeing it on TV has been a fun (and emotional) experience."

Brenda Liz Agosto's profile image

Brenda.Agosto82 shared a tip "good amine"

izzy_alley shared a tip "Binged this so fast. it was amazing"

Annette Gonzales's profile image

annette_gonzales_6808 shared a tip "That season two plot twist tho..."

laysha tello's profile image

laysha_tello shared a tip "It was so cute teen romance"

Aura Sweet's profile image

aura_sweet shared a tip "Truly one of the most beautiful anime I have ever watched."

Jaz~ 's profile image

JinsLostThink shared a tip "Depends on what you've already watched 🤔"

Stephanie Merritt's profile image

stephanie_merritt shared a tip "It's finally the whole story coming together and it's so heartfelt absolutely love it"

Sunshine Rat's profile image

sunshine_rat shared a tip "This is my favorite anime and I wish it never ended."

marissa_v _05's profile image

marissa_v__05 shared a tip "its the perfect show to binge watch, brought me to tears a few times!"

Meredith Pederson's profile image

meredith_pederson shared a tip "The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent or sword art online maybe even fairytale"

Jacqueline France's profile image

jacqueline_france shared a tip "LOVED fruits basket ❣️❣️❣️"

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LavenderCrown shared a tip "Watch the original anime when I was considerably younger it was my entry into the anime scene highly recommend"

Sydney Blount's profile image

sydney_blount shared a tip "Currently my hero academia"

Alison Owen's profile image

alison_owen_3370 shared a tip "My all-time favorite anime and manga series!"

callie_1060 shared a tip "Took a turn after the first season, but I love that characters and the character development is amazing."

Jazmine Diaz's profile image

jazmine_diaz shared a tip "Best anime I have ever seen 🙌🏽"

Mariam Hanna's profile image

mariam_hanna_5270 shared a tip "It's a perfect mix of funny, sad, and heartwarming. Each character makes their way though their struggles."

kals_elise shared a tip "#preparetocry"

shakara divens's profile image

shakara_divens shared a tip "Sorry I'm just now seeing your question my least favorite is akito she's the worst"

Julia Sapyta's profile image

julia_sapyta shared a tip "Never seen the movie actually, I've been meaning to"

Brianna Simkaitis's profile image

brianna_simkaitis shared a tip "I am really enjoying toilet bound right now and mha are my top picks"

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lane_renne shared a tip "everyone had trauma girl me too"

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mari_X3 shared a tip "Soo Cute 🥰"

megan_michalak shared a tip "Really cute and not inappropriate, season 2 should be coming soon!(if it's not out yet)"

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anna_marie_8837 shared a tip "Dude thus show is amazing people need to watch it."

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wolfy_wolf shared a tip "This is one of the best anime’s i have watched totally recommend"

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katrina_holstein shared a tip "Its a wonderful remaster of one of my childhood favorite anime. #anime"

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elizabeth_stavrakak shared a tip "Anyone have similar suggestions"

Esther Vigil's profile image

esther_vigil shared a tip "This was my first manga and anime and has been proven hard to top! #ImNotCryingYoureCrying"

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kayla_frazier_2080 shared a tip "The last season will have you in tears😭😭"

Alannah Meows's profile image

alannah_meows shared a tip "I cried my eyes out. Loved it !"

Salwa Mahamed's profile image

salwa_mahamed shared a tip "Good romance to comedy ratio"

Vicky comeau's profile image

vicky_comeau shared a tip "I like the cat :) he acts tough but he's a softy"

kassandra_mendoza_7427 shared a tip "This slice of life and drama takes my heart 😍😍 and plus have you seen the soma boys ... just *sigh* beautiful"

qeytcn 's profile image

qeytcn shared a tip "perfect show to binge. loved it so much"

Georgia Lee's profile image

georgia_lee_7610 shared a tip "It is a anime and i like the characters"

Kiki Piszczek's profile image

kiki_piszczek shared a tip "So much love for this show I bought the book"

Ashley Wiemer's profile image

ashley_wiemer shared a tip "Wonderful! Staying close to the manga and characters!"

Elysia Hernandez's profile image

elysia_hernandez shared a tip "Love this!"

Morgan Reid's profile image

morgan_reid_6042 shared a tip "The relationship and the growth of the characters"

Alyssa Montalvo's profile image

alyssa_mon shared a tip "Jaw dropping"

Maggie Vargas's profile image

maggie_vargas shared a tip "It’s sad but interesting"

Chloe Fatoric's profile image

chloe_fatoric shared a tip "Not at the moment. 😖"

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cammie_clark shared a tip "SO GOOD DEFINITELY WORTH THE WATCH!"

sahana_ravichandran shared a tip "10/10 Favourite anime. Decent amount of episodes and has a cool plot."

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jasmine_copeland_8970 shared a tip "Good"

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blanca_alvarado_1555 shared a tip "Such a cute anime, would highly recommend!"

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makayla_burchett shared a tip "So good"

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elaina_thomas shared a tip "Omg!!!!! I love this show 100000/10 recommend!!!!! Kyo is so hot too 😋😉"

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zhaniyah_robinson shared a tip "I don’t even know how to describe how good this series is, bye ."

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amaya_simone shared a tip "Tohru is so wholesome and makes you feel like there are still good people in the world"

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taylor_webb_2461 shared a tip "The best hands down"

kathy_campbell_4747 shared a tip "Love it"

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its_just_jeyson shared a tip "SUCH A SWEET SHOW YOU MIGHT CRY"

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