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"S" is a dangerous, top secret, no-holds-barred downhill skateboarding race down an abandoned mine. When avid skateboarder Reki takes Langa to the mountain where "S" is held, Langa, who's never been on a skateboard in his life, finds himself sucked into the world of "S", andโ€ฆ?!

Parental GuideTV-14

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2021-01-10

Last Air Date 2021-04-04

Seasons 1

Episodes 12


TMDB 8.8


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jessica_7565 shared a tip "Just heard the news we are getting an OVA and a Season 2 of Sk8 the Infinity!! How exciting ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ"

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lemoli shared a tip "Just another example of a show queerbaiting teens. There is no plot. There's pedophilia and characters with no personality.."

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glornamtic shared a tip "yes !! it's amazing I love langa and reki's dynamic so much"

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sofia_jiron shared a tip "Amazing intro and outro,amazing plot and overall good design,I recommend this show to everyone even if you donโ€™t skate"

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floor shared a tip "Spy x Family is a HUGE yes and I watch a lot of shonun so aot or demon slayer (very graphic and depressing so be aware)"

Chelsea Appiah-kubi's profile image

chelsea_appiah-kubi shared a tip "I never thought I would like a show about skateboarding, but this one has me hooked!!! #lovelanga"

jazzy_7973 shared a tip "They seem gay"

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hiro_1336 shared a tip "awesome gay skateboarding men"

Sara Ribaudo's profile image

sara_ribaudo shared a tip "for sure! super cute and pretty short too. plus the characters are hard not to love!!"

sarah <3's profile image

supercutstan shared a tip "just watched & finished in less than a day (literally 5 hours) ty ellie 4 the rec"

libbie_copeland shared a tip "Two gay boys in love <3"

Mashly Lopez's profile image

mashly_lopez shared a tip "Great anime I absolutely love filled with emotions and humor, 10/10"

Mia Preece's profile image

mia_preece shared a tip "Great, funny, lovable characters, not sure I like all the cussing in it though"

payton_rose shared a tip "I love every character and the animation. Along with the music. Everything about it is just so good!"

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gyro_zeppeliswife shared a tip "Characters and plot are very well made!"

kazz 's profile image

kazzl1e shared a tip "lotsa queerbaitibg which is sad but the characters are super funny and likeable!!"

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mint_larue shared a tip "gay skateboarding make brain go brrrrrrr"

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soda_1770 shared a tip "It was slice of life and it was down to earth"

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Izu shared a tip "homosexuality"

Hannah Dillman's profile image

hannah_dillman shared a tip "Watched already, one of my favorites"

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Awkwardbean23_3 shared a tip "Enjoyable anime. Fandom personally made me feel awkward unlike any other. 1 character is questionable."

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daniellaIsaPanini shared a tip "it's so gay i love it"

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gabriel_thorne shared a tip "Loved the vibrant colors, explosive emotions, and gay bros"

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della_hargis shared a tip "A short 12 episode anime with a overall happy and uplifted plot line."

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drew_wiggins shared a tip "I haven't watched this yet but come on"

ashley_knudsen shared a tip "Definitely binge worthy"

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william_minerva_3234 shared a tip "A must watch for sports and comedy lovers! i enjoyed watching this a lot. it isnโ€™t another haikyu rip off"

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jewl-_e shared a tip "Reki, my love..... of skateboarding ๐Ÿ’œ"

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spyguy shared a tip "Super cool skateboarding fights, but everyone is gay"

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blueberry_muffin_5441 shared a tip "It's great and funny and the characters are HOT"

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richard_huffman shared a tip "So good! I need season 2 in my life!"

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reddstrxke shared a tip "good"

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yan_a.o.d shared a tip "It was funny and cute."

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mel_s_8043 shared a tip "Goofy, fun, and light-hearted"

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kari_serbe shared a tip "yes! itโ€™s one of my favorite series"

angel_4832 shared a tip "Fruty"

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armadaaa_ship shared a tip "Wish the plot actually went somewhere but still entertaining regardless"

Haivan Hall's profile image

haivan_hall shared a tip "Perfect not a single flaw 1000/10"

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katelyn_jae shared a tip "LOVED THIS SO MUCH!!"

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scarlett_spirit_0743 shared a tip "Absolutely love Reki and langa"

kinikei 's profile image

kinikei shared a tip "My favorite show! Very good if you are looking for an emotional rollercoaster, LOL! A perfect amount of angst :)"

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izzzy_zimmm shared a tip "I love this show so much itโ€™s so adorable itโ€™s my comfort show Iโ€™ve seen it 3 times"

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luna_lovegood219 shared a tip "I love this anime so much. I binged watched the entire first season in 3 days."

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adrikaspamms shared a tip "My fav sports anime lol i've watched it too many times to count."

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kailey_is_happy shared a tip "Amazing characters and an interesting plot line, definitely recommend to anyone"

hayhay_m shared a tip "Hdhdhdhdbbd fudge. Do d dad d did end d"

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Simp_ shared a tip "This is a perfect, shorter, show for people who've never watched anime before"

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rae_pringle shared a tip "I love this show. It's so cute and wholesome. Definitely a favorite โค"

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vyn_vyn shared a tip "homosexuals"

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nora_brown_7946 shared a tip "Such a cute slice of life show and with great representation. Also the colors and animation is just amazing"

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