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The continuing story of Peacemaker – a compellingly vainglorious man who believes in peace at any cost, no matter how many people he has to kill to get it – in the aftermath of the events of “The Suicide Squad.”

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Returning Series

First Air Date 2022-01-13

Last Air Date 2022-02-17

Seasons 1

Episodes 8


TMDB 8.4


Marcus 's profile image

mco shared a tip "It's pretty stupid and raunchy, but I can't stop watching it."

Norma Blanco's profile image

norma_blanco shared a tip "John Cena is funny and gullible is this series. Totally recommend it."

Jessica Johnson's profile image

jessica_johnson_7555 shared a tip "Peacemaker is one of the year's best comedies."

IAmVance shared a tip "Some of the jokes and bits go on a little too long but overall it was pretty enjoyable and it's only 8 episodes."

Jayden Tejeda 's profile image

Hypnosisoverdose shared a tip "A very dark and comedic show that sometimes focuses on dark topics like child abuse."

Sameer Rajakumar's profile image

sameer_rajakumar shared a tip "Toptv show that’s worth a watch"

Ecstasyleech 's profile image

ecstasyleech shared a tip "This show is ******* awesome!"

My Own Worst Enemy's profile image

enemy shared a tip "I wanted to like it, but the finale had a few plot holes I can't forgive. Amazing soundtrack."

Jill Entenman's profile image

jill_entenman shared a tip "Fun show with spoofy type action."

Raul Munyaka's profile image

raul_munyaka shared a tip "The action and comedy was top tier"

Dr. Ryz's profile image

dr._ryz shared a tip "Great show I liked John Cena in this show and all the other actors and the chemistry between all of them."

Erick Balderrama's profile image

erick_balderrama shared a tip "It's so good, i can't even skip the dancing intro!"

sidney_williams shared a tip "Over the top and clever. Raunchy and touching at times. Organized insanity."

Picasso 's profile image

shooomyster shared a tip "Good show, funny and a good bit of action great suicide squad pickup 9/10"

Monica Hawkins's profile image

mlhawkins shared a tip "I quit after three episodes. I will at some point give it a second chance but for now I did not like it at all."

Megan Fox's profile image

megan_fox_5667 shared a tip "One more season in the works according to Dir. James Gunn"

Mau 's profile image

maudanvers shared a tip "When they announced this show, i kinda didnt care and now im here, already impatiently waiting for s2 :D ITS SOO GOOD"

t_brown_7516 shared a tip "Hahahhahahahaah OMG funny."

Tayler Tate's profile image

tayler_tate shared a tip "This show is so good! Never a dull moment and the cast is awesome vigilante and John Cena are absolutely hilarious 😂"

Lawrence Decatus's profile image

lawrence_decatus shared a tip "Funny but not to cringey"

Nerdy Werewolf's profile image

nerdy_werewolf shared a tip "Did you watch the Harley Quinn animated series? It's kind of like a live-action version of that...."

lauren_yslas shared a tip "A pretty funny show!"

Helen McCulley's profile image

helen_mcculley shared a tip "Fun!! Conflicted heroes with plenty of humor, music, and excitement."

Unwanted 's profile image

unwanted shared a tip "This show is top tier, and I was not disappointed at all."

ruben gregory ramos's profile image

ruben_gregory_ramos shared a tip "Unique,irreverent & laugh out loudFUNNY"

Nicole 's profile image

nicole_crum_6404 shared a tip "Didn't expect to like it but it's a great show. Love the characters and the plot. Super funny."

Lumberjack Wizard's profile image

lumberjack_wizard shared a tip "The opening credits set the stage for every episode and you should not be able to skip them. I can't wait for another season!"

Creel Mclean's profile image

creel_mclean shared a tip "Was surprised by this show. I found it funny and entertaining"

june_holbert shared a tip "Absolutely! Even if you're not a big DC comic fan you will love the show."

Panda Harris's profile image

panda_harris shared a tip "Vigilante is my boyfriend 😅"

kisslyn shared a tip "Definitely recommend. One of the best DC shows"

Tara Catalfamo's profile image

tara_catalfamo shared a tip "So funny"

charlie 's profile image

mushrooms_in_my_mind shared a tip "i love this show so much. just everything about it makes me so happy and i felt so many different emotions :)"

yesenia_cruz_7776 shared a tip "Loved the characters especially vigilante worth the watch."

Katherine Holzmann's profile image

katherine_holzmann shared a tip "Hilarious!!"

Shutupityby 's profile image

shutupityby shared a tip "This is the show if you want ture peace."

harrington_7583 shared a tip "Started this a few days ago I like how the show doesn’t take itself serious. Helps to separate itself from other hero shows."

Dana McCartney's profile image

dana_mccartney shared a tip "Absolutely hilarious!! Love the #80flashmob beginning!!"

Ella Moore's profile image

ella_moore_4169 shared a tip "Hilarious!"

Andrea Vick's profile image

andrea_vick shared a tip "Surprisingly good, super funny!! 🤣"

Jennifer Thornhill's profile image

jennifer_thornhill shared a tip "Test"

Dyan Euler's profile image

dyan_euler shared a tip "Have you seen this ? Looks good"

Francis Poirier's profile image

francis_poirier shared a tip "Awesome 👌"

michael_loucks shared a tip "It’s like a dc Verizon on Deadpool someone that allowed to kill and cuss and also@funny"

jazlyn_cleamons shared a tip "It’s pretty funny and interesting. John Cena really gives off the antihero/himbo vibes quite nicely"

Crystal 's profile image

crystal_9038 shared a tip "Hilarious 😂"

awesome_user_544412 's profile image

vince_baca shared a tip "Super funny"

Gianni Marano's profile image

gianni_marano shared a tip "What happened when you give James Gunn complete creative liberties"

Jessica Halsey's profile image

jessica_halsey_5236 shared a tip "New fave show! Don't usually like action hero stuff but John Cena and cast are hilarious!"

Johnathan Tang's profile image

johnathan_tang shared a tip "Omg that opening dance number completely set the tone of the show. 10/10"

Pra$hanth 's profile image

prashanth_reddy_muk shared a tip "James gunn does a wonderful job in bringing the characters together and special credit should be given to the music in this show"

awesome_user_751502 shared a tip "Funny!! Action. And movie"

Allyson Martinez's profile image

allyson_martinez_289 shared a tip "Recommend for MA. Vigilante is my favorite."

Jacey Hill's profile image

spaceyjacey shared a tip "I had a great time watching this! Lots of laughs with great characters"

Celt Ward's profile image

celt_ward shared a tip "I was hesitant about this show. But once I saw the first scene, I fell in love. It had me literally laughing out loud!"

kam_mackinnon shared a tip "Funny"

Lynda Giddens's profile image

lynda_giddens shared a tip "Maybe the best thing DC has ever done."

Zhi Lemon's profile image

zhi_lemon shared a tip "Canon bisexual character and a heavily autistic coded character that I relate to."

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