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This proudly profane series explores the history and impact of some of the most notorious bad words in the English language.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2021-01-05

Last Air Date 2021-01-05

Seasons 1

Episodes 6


TMDB 6.8


Sher Free✌️'s profile image

sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2"

Sher Free✌️'s profile image

sher_free shared a tip "⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2"

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ryan_fisher_6518 shared a tip "Beyond hilarious and surprisingly informative. Genius!"

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elisabeth_olmstead shared a tip "So funny!"

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carolinepiper shared a tip "Interesting."

maureen_382 shared a tip "Short , funny , informative"

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Andi-Roo shared a tip "Yup! And he's great in this."

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toc82 shared a tip "Too funny."

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MR_ROBOT_ shared a tip "This show was bit**in"

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mackenzie_tromble shared a tip "Interesting. The f^*k episode is the best one."

bridget_fitzgerald_5807 shared a tip "I loved it, and learned alot."

reece_satter shared a tip "Nicolas Cage being a Great, Weird Host"

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bravocandybetch shared a tip "Nick Cage is funny in this"

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jlyn_wilson_2247 shared a tip "Really funny!"

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sejura shared a tip "Loved"

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james_5439 shared a tip "Very funny and yet still very informative."

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salina_sanchez shared a tip "Hilarious and informative."

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adam_bedwell shared a tip "Hilarious and educational"

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jessica_price_7840 shared a tip "It’s hysterical!"

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magic_singer11 shared a tip "If you are someone that likes to swear and hate when people say to stop. Watch this."

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amanda_buurs shared a tip "Fun for the whole family 😂 I really enjoyed the educational take of swear words and GREAT show host."

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shellym shared a tip "Nicolas Cage is an amazing host."

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tanya_dorn shared a tip "Nicolas Cage."

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katelyn_waldrep shared a tip "I love learning new things and this is the perfect show to learn about words we hear and use everyday."

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mistyd83 shared a tip "So f*cking good!"

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j_rivers shared a tip "You ******* right I like this ******* ****!"

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JBugeja shared a tip "Hoping for more :)"

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christine_edlund shared a tip "We are watching it now. Hilarious! Cage is entertaining as a host. Definitely recommend!"

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not_a_christian shared a tip "Minus Nick Cage lol"

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shelby_3247 shared a tip "Hope this gets more episode or another season."

belle_w. shared a tip "It was interesting and amusing!"

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bill_rudder shared a tip "Funny and educational."

jayla_collins_6979 shared a tip "This show is absolutely hilarious."

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chlo_dacosta shared a tip "It’s really funny to watch when you don’t know what to watch and you want something smooth"

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carrie_lambert shared a tip "Funny and informative"

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ashleigh_payne shared a tip "Nicholas Cage is hilarious in this. Very dry sense of humor. The way they break down the swear words is really interesting."

kaylee_marusarz shared a tip "It was funny and easy to watch and enjoy."

doug_schmeler shared a tip "Loved this Nicolas Cage was funny as hell"

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ela_pristine_pasion shared a tip "Very informative and humorous."

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susan_martin_1175 shared a tip "Unique"

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danyael_graham shared a tip "Funny"

lauren_dirusso shared a tip "Funny and informative"

jeffrey_nardecchia shared a tip "Two episodes in and loving it"

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christine_mayer_2871 shared a tip "Well made"

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misssarahlouise shared a tip "Loved it!!!!"

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jennifer_miller_9287 shared a tip "Informative and hilarious"

kathy_0 shared a tip "Funny and oddly historically educational."

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tara_miller_3762 shared a tip "Way more entertaining than I thought it would be."

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scarlet_rose_362 shared a tip "Hilarious but also educational!"

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j._gilbert shared a tip "Hilariously insightful."

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nicholas_rhodes shared a tip "Nick Cage is the hero we didn't know we needed. Love this show!"

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christine_regal shared a tip "Hilarious! A must watch 💯"

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externalisopod shared a tip "Nicholas Cage"

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audrey_rene shared a tip "Funny as ****"

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lan123222 shared a tip "Its funny plus you get to learn about linguistics , but be warned they swear....alot ."

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lan123222 shared a tip "It goes through certain words and gives an in depth understanding of the word and its evolution through time."

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s_koma shared a tip "Funny asl"

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francois_desjarlais shared a tip "Historical background on swear words"

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samantha_mckeag shared a tip "Its cute"

risingash shared a tip "Full of information you never would have guessed was true."

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tobi_snyder shared a tip "Loved it, funny, yet informative."

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snarkypanda shared a tip "If you are searching for a good laugh to say good bye to 2020"

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adrianna_rosenfeld shared a tip "Its really funny and educational"

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jessica_draper shared a tip "Easy to watch and funny."

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tiffany_mayra shared a tip "@Likewise"

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tae_tae_williams shared a tip "Its very funny and gives history which makes it educational😁"

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rose_smith_5160 shared a tip "15 seconds in I was like...yup. I have to watch this."

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derek_wright_6034 shared a tip "Funny and informative"

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emma_riegel shared a tip "This is hysterical and also super informative."

jose_cardoso shared a tip "Commical"

kasey_green shared a tip "It was funny and interesting."

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tamazon_randall shared a tip "I'd have to say **** was a good one, but also Bitch made me think about the reclamation of targeted slurs!"

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tamazon_randall shared a tip "Haha, well one of those got censored! "F*ck""

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katrina_hesch shared a tip "It was fun and actually really interesting and informative"

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brian_proffitt shared a tip "Things u didn't know that u needed to know."

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firshelia_taylor shared a tip "easy, fun watch.. comedians as talking heads swearing."

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rita_grate shared a tip "Hilarious and Nick Cage saying BNE, Big Nick Energy is the greatest thing ever!"

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abbstervia shared a tip "somehow vulgar and informative. loved it 💕"

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liz_gesselberty shared a tip "Hilarious. Great if you’re looking for something light and funny to watch but you swear a bunch. Plus you learn too 🤷🏼‍♀️."

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kat_dehring shared a tip "Nicholas Cage was weird as a host but it was funny and well done."

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patrick_cleary shared a tip "Wife and I never stopped laughing. It's awesome"

janet_welch shared a tip "Funny"

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alice_murray-james shared a tip "It was humorous and informative."

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shantel_amee shared a tip "Very profane (haha) but also very funny and thought worthy"

juno_baumgardner shared a tip "Very informative and funnu"

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amber_wise shared a tip "Super funny"

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sebastian_martinez_224 shared a tip "Nick Cage teaching swear words is a match made in heaven."

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brogan_homburg shared a tip "Very informative yet hilarious."

renee_tibbets shared a tip "This had us laughing and snickering, but also learning something new. So fun to laugh at Nick Cage!"

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justin_longoz shared a tip "It’s ******* hilarious"

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mark_fraser_1531 shared a tip "Interesting take on our vocabulary of swear words."

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tony_savage shared a tip "It was educational"

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mike_slaney shared a tip "Very informative with some history lesson"

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alyson_meredith shared a tip "Informative and funny!"

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becca_petersen shared a tip "Binge watched the entire thing. Super hilarious! Nick Cage was a perfect fit"

kimberly_vulgamore shared a tip "It was hilarious and entertaining."

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MartyAL shared a tip "Only saw an episode or two. Interesting but not something I want to return to frequently."

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jb_boltwood shared a tip "Must see! Absolutely Hillarious!!"

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angelia_57 shared a tip "It was interesting to learn about where these words that we have altered to profanity have actually come from."

srna_satchiassa shared a tip "it was funny😂😂"

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kendall_foy shared a tip "funny"

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