Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel poster


The notorious Cecil Hotel grows in infamy when guest Elisa Lam vanishes. A dive into crime's darkest places.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2021-02-10

Last Air Date 2021-02-10

Seasons 1

Episodes 4


TMDB 7.1


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RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "This gotta be one of the most chilling documentaries on Netflix as of late. Definitely a must watch I will say."

christina_paz shared a tip "This series is really good"

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kristina_barnes_7201 shared a tip "This is the first documentary to deal me out. I don't know what it is about this case, but it gives me the heebie jeebies."

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nicole_norm shared a tip "Really good watch! Highly recommend👌🏼"

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sutton_death shared a tip "It was definitely entertaining. However like most people say it definitely could have been condensed"

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jenn_wood_8494 shared a tip "Really liked this documentary a little slow at first its a must if you like who done it or conspiracy theories 😉 🤔 😀"

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alexandra_lazarow shared a tip "Interesting but could have been done in fewer episodes. Definitely dragged on during some parts"

ashley_monique_balo shared a tip "Mysterious. Keeps you thinking after its done"

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sirena_wallas shared a tip "very interesting story."

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megamus.maximus shared a tip "It was interesting. Could have been better, for sure.. but I'm glad Elisa Lam's story was told."

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deena_c shared a tip "The doc should have been done in 60-90 minutes. There was a bunch of unnecessary garbage that took up way too much time."

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swc_b shared a tip "Captivating, can’t stop watching!!"

jess_ica_9043 shared a tip "Had me hooked!!! Did not see that ending coming at all !!!"

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shooomyster shared a tip "A great documentary about this crazy hotel with a very sketchy past 8/10"

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sheridan_ward shared a tip "Did not see that end coming!! Directed by #ronhoward & #bryanglazer"

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snake_plissken shared a tip "Hard to say why, i think I had just had the case covered in podcasts enough that this added nothing to what I had already heard."

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lily_naert shared a tip "SO GOOD!!! crazy crazy story"

Summerbreze shared a tip "interesting"

sherrie_mcphee shared a tip "It was very informative."

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regina1026 shared a tip "I found this an interesting story. I liked that it ended and we weren't left wondering like some documentaries do."

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JustineNicole shared a tip "I think it was beyond us! Supernatural🙀👁"

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itsveganyo shared a tip "Woah ... sad, leaves you with questions, and a true eye-opener."

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katie_richman shared a tip "I was hooked."

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stephanie_mardell shared a tip "Boring and drawn out"

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jazmine_eddins shared a tip "Really good!!"

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lindsey_garbacz shared a tip "Loved it! It’s so interesting to see how they connect the disappearance of Elisa Lam to national issues."

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aziz_hanifa shared a tip "Awesome and creepy"

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jennifer_ofstein shared a tip "Slow burn of a series, keeps you intrigued the whole way through. Not too drawn out to be boring."

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maggie_4043 shared a tip "As someone who loves true crime I love to watch it"

kelly_harden shared a tip "Yes, crazy story!"

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oli_maddx shared a tip "I was so creeped out by this? Took me 3 tries, so glad I pushed through. I had to switch to watching it in the daytime, idk"

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amanda_fino shared a tip "Bing it just in one sitting and I love it."

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macie_mead_271 shared a tip "There's a lot of interesting things in this one I didn't know before. Worth the watch."

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solo.adventure.girl shared a tip "Not as creepy as the trailers make it out to be but a very well put together documentary"

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patricia_gilkey shared a tip "I watched all four episodes in one day. I love it."

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hallie_epps shared a tip "I liked it! I wish it had been solved though. I totally think the hotel was in on it!"

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lenstr shared a tip "I just love these crime docuseries from Netflix <<3"

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nora_spaulding shared a tip "Creepy weird but surprisingly good. #destinationfear #cecilhotel #questions_and_answers"

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MysteryLover shared a tip "It’s okay."

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LemonDropp shared a tip "Very informative! Although, I think it was overdone."

emma05 shared a tip "Damn all these years I thought she was murdered, this such a sad story about our mental health care then and now."

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melissa_gerndt shared a tip "So crazy!!! And creepy!"

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alicia_tello shared a tip "Watching this now, so far really good, a must watch"

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albert_skretka shared a tip "Only thing to say is Must Watch. Just be sure you have a few hours to kill because you won't be able to turm it off."

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s_cognito shared a tip "Creepy #creepy"

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mara_fraidin shared a tip "This was amazing it kept my attention the entire time!"

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ian_parker_1661 shared a tip "Watching it now"

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nikita_8058 shared a tip "Interesting, captivating, sad. Watched all the way through."

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regina_trolman_demelo shared a tip "A Weird Story."

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erika_fortin shared a tip "What took five hours to unfold could have been summed up in 2 and would have been better off for it. Unnecessarily lengthy."

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jay_lamp shared a tip "Just watch if you like true crime."

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tiffany_theresa shared a tip "It has you going into all different directions. Was it murder ? Was it a cover up ? Was it suicide ? #mindblown"

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amber_gulevich shared a tip "Very interesting story and the conspiracy around the crime."

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morgan_whitt shared a tip "really good! super spooky"

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rachel_rowlan shared a tip "Creepy."

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missy_narrance shared a tip "The web sleuths really disrupted my enjoyment of this one. Pretty icky feeling doc. #documentary #creepypasta"

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sandrine_bouchard shared a tip "Couldn't get enough of the creepy facts around this hotel 🙄"

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allygrover shared a tip "Definitely interesting to watch!!"

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branland shared a tip "It's the perfect meal to satisfy a true crime appetite."

chelseaa_ shared a tip "good crime doc to watch. keeps you up!"

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james_weaver_1488 shared a tip "Good just has some twists and turns"

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alexis_sargent shared a tip "Very interesting"

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liz_holsinger shared a tip "It was entertaining but they glossed over Skidrow’s history and it was a few episodes too long."

macy_wheelock shared a tip "THE BEST TRUE CRIME SHOW EVER!!!"

brenda_g shared a tip "Intriguing"

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randee_keil shared a tip "Being from Vancouver myself I remember the news talking about Elisa Lam. This docuseries is really good!!!"

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courtney_barker_2952 shared a tip "Interesting and a quick binge"

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