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Five teens from Harlem become trapped in a nightmare when they're falsely accused of a brutal attack in Central Park.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2019-05-31

Last Air Date 2019-05-31

Seasons 1

Episodes 4


TMDB 8.2


Cassie Sandberg's profile image

Cassie shared a tip "Heart shattering even in the first episode"

𝑹𝒊𝒄𝒐 𝑺𝒐𝒑𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒐 ✪'s profile image

RicoLoveDinero shared a tip "True story Great *** Movie mini series"

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jonathan_kent_6341 shared a tip "Definitely a miniseries I recommend everyone watch!"

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sally.butterfly shared a tip "What a devastating story…"

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jenjn shared a tip "Love this, very eye-opening, absolutely heartbreaking ❤️‍🩹"

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kevin_simons shared a tip "Absolutely devastating story brilliantly and beautifully told."

michele_6169 shared a tip "Thanks!"

Nalini Ramgobind's profile image

nalini_ramgobind shared a tip "This was amazing to watch, but sad to know it was true."

The Spicy Reader 's profile image

booksequalsbae shared a tip "Heartbreaking. Was crying like crazy. Recommend you to watch it."

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kiki_divyne shared a tip "The worst part is that it is true.. I'm still in tears"

Elf Flame's profile image

elf_flame shared a tip "This is a must watch for any white person who wants to better understand the Black anger in the US right now."

Jackie Serrato's profile image

jackie_serrato shared a tip "Beautiful! Made me cry for 2 days straight. The show was beautifully executed and the way the story was told was incredible."

Benny Torres's profile image

benny_torres shared a tip "Heartbreaking"

Jessica Reed's profile image

jessica_reed shared a tip "Tissues when watching"

Sherri Anderson's profile image

sherri_anderson shared a tip "This movie will make you mad, mad! Definitely a good movie about racial inequality."

Obada Abdullah's profile image

obada_abdullah shared a tip "❤️"

Katelyn Vallecillo's profile image

katelyn_vallecillo shared a tip "Very moving 10/10"

Kathleen A's profile image

ARRkat shared a tip "This show made me so very angry... then so very sad #drama #crime"

Ashton Skelton's profile image

ashton_skelton shared a tip "Heartbreaking. But beautiful."

Trinab 's profile image

latrina_burney shared a tip "It was a good movie. I enjoyed it."

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latrina_burney shared a tip "I don’t know what you looking for? (What type of show?)"

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latrina_burney shared a tip "I am broad….🤣Look at a lot of stuff.."

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cedric_boyer shared a tip "Necessary"

Londell Jackson's profile image

londell_jackson shared a tip "This was an extremely powerful docudrama!! A must watch!!"

lauren oliveira's profile image

lauren_oliveira_7160 shared a tip "so good everyone needs to watch ut at least once (or more!) to see the injustice."

n_b_1803 shared a tip "I just could not believe this actually happened! I was in shock. How did I miss this story growing up?"

lynda_molter shared a tip "It’s very thought-provoking story of our times"

nijah_wyatt shared a tip "I just got finished watching The Haunting of Hill House. It’s a horror/drama with one season."

Linda Crewe's profile image

linda_crewe shared a tip "Amazing. Heartbreaking."

daniela_alayon shared a tip "Excellent and very eye opening."

Robin Register's profile image

robin_register shared a tip "Fruitvale Station may be of interest"

Lyric 's profile image

lyric_9373 shared a tip "Raw and honest. Why wouldn't I lie it?#central_park_5"

Carmen Tourney's profile image

carmen_tourney shared a tip "What are your thoughts on it since you asked me?"

Felicia Ogunjube's profile image

felicia_ogunjube shared a tip "Heartbreaking but the truth of our America"

Rosario De la Torre's profile image

FastAxion shared a tip "A must see!"

margaux_kohut shared a tip "A must see eye opening true story. I loved it."

andrew_carvajal shared a tip "I havent researched the story, but I liked the series, would recommend"

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awesome_user_690881 shared a tip "Nope I haven’t actually"

joe_cumbo shared a tip "Just heart wrenching but very important to watch to understand how corrupt the system was, is, and probably always will be."

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k_l_4938 shared a tip "It’s a great show, which is inspired by a true story and I w’ont hide it from you, you will surely cry"

Maya Scully's profile image

mscully shared a tip "Dives into the unjust justice system."

Albert Fierro's profile image

albert_fierro shared a tip "Really sad movie to what happened to that young man"

Frank Guerrero Jr.'s profile image

frank_guerrero_jr. shared a tip "Awsome movie one of the best i have seen in a long long time"

Karina Ocampo Martinez's profile image

karina_ocampo_marti shared a tip "#powerfull"

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josiefawkes shared a tip "If you don't know this story, I really don't know what to tell you. This is a watch for everyone, zero excuses."

Josephine O.'s profile image

josephine_o. shared a tip "One of those things that can’t be watched twice. Brilliant."

sandi_kaiser shared a tip "One of my favorite series of last 19 years"

sandi_kaiser shared a tip "(Sorry, last 10 years)"

Kam Heslop's profile image

kam_heslop shared a tip "Brutal to watch but so honest!"

tkai_simmons_4305 shared a tip "Good"

Jean-Paul Nicophène's profile image

jean-paul_nicophne shared a tip "great show but a truly sad story"

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emily_cooley shared a tip "A must see!!"

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osvaldo_flores shared a tip "Is a great show"

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melissa_scott_5536 shared a tip "The whole series is good. Emotional, but good."

scott_pooley shared a tip "Powerful"

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frank_romano shared a tip "Still happening"

LaNia Baker's profile image

lania_baker shared a tip "This series is very heavy. Please watch with caution."

lana_mitchell shared a tip "I highly recommend this Movie"

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kris_santiago shared a tip "A life- changing film"

Kyndall Michelle's profile image

kyndall_michelle shared a tip "This is the best movie if you support blm"

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jaiden_tappa shared a tip "they represent this story so amazingly🤩"

eli_marc shared a tip "Must Watch!"

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tre_sha_tap_tap shared a tip "A must watch. Very emotional film that base of their lives."

monique_3246 shared a tip "I wasnt able to get through the 1st episode, too painful"

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glen_18 shared a tip "Everyone must watch!"

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denise_mary shared a tip "Yes..its good"

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denise_mary shared a tip "Based on a true story"

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jaden_casados shared a tip "Amazing! ❤❤"

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kasha_woodruff shared a tip "immaculate"

stephanie_woods_3589 shared a tip "Such a sad but important story!"

Alisa Bagaeva's profile image

alisa_bagaeva shared a tip "Heartbreaking! We need to have more movies like this to be more aware of the racial environment around us..."

Heather Lee's profile image

heather_lee_1341 shared a tip "Very much! Disturbing to know that this actually happened."

leigha 's profile image

Leigha_J shared a tip "No words can express the feelings I had watching this. It's too good it review"

cheryl_rufo shared a tip "Best movie I have ever seen"

Amanda Bastoni's profile image

amanda_bastoni shared a tip "Really honest and touching - binge worthy."

Veronique Comma's profile image

veronique_comma shared a tip "Needs to be watched!!! Wonderful cast ! I felt every bit of what was going on…"

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