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After fleeing an abusive relationship, a young mother finds a job cleaning houses and fights to provide a better future for her child.

Parental GuideTV-MA

Status Ended

First Air Date 2021-10-01

Last Air Date 2021-10-01

Seasons 1

Episodes 10


TMDB 7.9


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joslyn shared a tip "Wasn’t sure I’d be able to watch this given the DV situations, but I’m happy I did! It’s both heartwarming and heartbreaking."

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d_m shared a tip "Drama some times hard to watch as her decisions are not always the best but than again I haven’t been in the situation."

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wine_bar shared a tip "I loved this so much. I’m sad it’s over. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

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nicole_norm shared a tip "Been looking forward to this series!"

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nicole_norm shared a tip "First show was excellent! Definitely got me hooked!"

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sports1924 shared a tip "Great series, so so so good."

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cat_lady shared a tip "Loved it! Definitely something I'll eventually re-watch."

Kaitlyn Kendall's profile image

kaitlyn_kendall_1308 shared a tip "Such a heartfelt and heartbreaking show. It's a great watch. Can't wait for another season."

Charmion Schroeder's profile image

charmion_schroeder shared a tip "Dark but so well acted, one of those shows you can’t stop watching."

Alyssa Bejarano's profile image

alyssa_bejarano shared a tip "Such a good show that takes you on an emotional roller coaster. Warning you may shed a tear or two."

Aundria Vanderveur's profile image

dre.1992 shared a tip "Just wow"

Sheezyy 's profile image

shaykhah shared a tip "I used to hate drama , but this one ? Hell I can’t 😭😭💔💔💔I really liked the show sooo much , I’ve cried a lot"

Maureen Katherine's profile image

maureen_katherine shared a tip "WOW. amazing show!! what a ride. great acting."

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nostalgiaqueen shared a tip "This show was so good !! The acting from the whole cast is great."

It’s Deb...not Debra or Deborah's profile image

DVS1 shared a tip "Just started this last night on Netflix, it’s a limited series and it’s so good"

amanda_1353 shared a tip "Soooo good!!!! Literally the best show on Netflix! 💕💕💕"

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karen_huggins shared a tip "Fantastic show!!"

Jennifer Woodard's profile image

jennifer_woodard shared a tip "I didn’t expect to like this, but I loved it!"

Natalie Edwards's profile image

natalie_no_soul shared a tip "Absolutely heartbreaking but an amazing story nonetheless! I would recommend everyone to watch this, 10/10"

Julia Witman's profile image

julia_witman shared a tip "Already on episode 4.. really like this show so far."

BARK WOOF's profile image

bark_woof shared a tip "Such a touching story."

Krissy Hicks's profile image

krissy_hicks shared a tip "I wasn’t expecting to like this show as much as I did, but it was really good!"

Suzanne (she/her)'s profile image

snoozZzanne shared a tip "Limited series on Netflix"

meg_jones_8471 shared a tip "Best show of the year."

kelly_maddern shared a tip "Binged it… couldn’t stop. So good and so real."

mahari_pritchard shared a tip "Very realistic"

Noodlebug 's profile image

crowzer shared a tip "Exceptional, beautiful, and gut wrenching social issues drama."

Candice 's profile image

candice_9949 shared a tip "This was a beautiful, heartbreaking emotional rollercoaster! LOVED it!"

Pattie Lambrakis's profile image

pattie_lambrakis shared a tip "Great show. Takes you on the journey of a young strong loving mom"

caitie_chils shared a tip "Could not stop watching"

Michelle Fimbres's profile image

michelle_fimbres shared a tip "Binged watched it in one day. Be prepared to cry, especially if you relate. Love it!"

Debbie Lyon's profile image

debbie_lyon shared a tip "Excellent! Brave. Raw."

karen_vondruska shared a tip "Heartbreaking and lovely"

Cortney Casey's profile image

cortney_casey shared a tip "Heartbreaking and riveting with pockets of laugh out loud wit … Margaret Qualley does an amazing job. Highly recommended."

mariana_stemke shared a tip "Very realistic and relatable. Keeps audience engaged and wanting to know more"

Lindsey Plant's profile image

lindsey_plant_5962 shared a tip "This show was absolutely amazing!"

brigitte_doherty_7080 shared a tip "Super good storyline! Watched all 10 episodes in one sitting."

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improve_earth shared a tip "A masterpiece"

Cindy Duddy's profile image

cindy_duddy shared a tip "Great show!"

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sierra_longpre shared a tip "Love this show!"

karen_chetty shared a tip "Loved it!"

holly_4830 shared a tip "I’ve never cried so much! So good though"

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eyeluhhhhhh shared a tip "Beautiful."

julie_kwon_9046 shared a tip "Really good show. Def recommend"

Alana Dickerhoof's profile image

alana_dickerhoof shared a tip "Such a wonderfully sad story of a mother strength."

kylie_mohr shared a tip "So realistic and heartbreaking. It had great acting."

jen_guzman shared a tip "How they portray the life of a single mother dealing with the struggles to be better ."

Sanyukta 's profile image

sanyukta_ghag shared a tip "Such a good show- from the storyline, the characters, even the setting and filming choices!!"

julie_dean_6433 shared a tip "Enlightening, impactful, heartbreaking at times, realistic."

Aspen Smith's profile image

aspen_smith_6664 shared a tip "Very good!! #domesticviolencemonth"

Beth Moser's profile image

beth_moser_9932 shared a tip "Loved it. Subtle, beautiful acting."

kim_peterson_6849 shared a tip "Great acting and eye-opening story!"

raegan_gustavson shared a tip "Really good show."

Paris 's profile image

Sharks_in_paris shared a tip "I love this one even tho it is sad but uts hella good"

Sara Kuhbacher's profile image

sara_kuhbacher shared a tip "Very good! Her struggles are very realistic and frustrating. Would watch again."

Carol Barboni's profile image

carol_barboni shared a tip "This movie is so real. The struggle is real."

Carol Barboni's profile image

carol_barboni shared a tip "This movie is so real. The struggle is real."

Allie Torres's profile image

allie_torres_7752 shared a tip "I watched this in 2 days, I absolutely loved this. The acting was brilliant 👏"

heather_pitcher shared a tip "I did!!"

maggie_6114 shared a tip "Margaret Qualley, Anika Noni Rose, Andie MacDowell, and Nick Robinson are amazing!"

Ericka Artis's profile image

ericka_artis shared a tip "Great acting and great story."

Tanya Palmer's profile image

tanya_palmer shared a tip "Loved, loved, loved it. Not true to the book but that was intentional. I cried way more than I expected to."

Doug Nelson's profile image

doug_nelson shared a tip "Fantastic series by a real mother-daughter team. Must watch"

Paula Lopez's profile image

paula_lopez_960 shared a tip "This is a really hard to swallow true reality to many young mothers trying to figure life out#drama #family"

kate_anderson_5600 shared a tip "Love love love, amazing show about an amazing young moms fight for herself and her daughters well-being"

Kelsey Buxton's profile image

kelsey_buxton shared a tip "So close to home. Wonderfully acted. Cried, laughed, enjoyed every minute"

Haley Whorton's profile image

haley_whorton shared a tip "A MUST HAVE to see!!! So so good, you won’t regret it!!"

Lorelei Urrutia-Lugo's profile image

lorelei_urrutia-lugo shared a tip "Loved this series, it was sad, but heartwarming. And it actually teaches stuff that many other woman are going through"

elizabeth_3164 shared a tip "So real and raw. I don’t know why it says comedy."

Molly Barnett's profile image

molly_barnett_1877 shared a tip "Love love love this show, couldn’t stop watching."

Rachelle Zimmerman's profile image

rachelle_zimmerman shared a tip "Binge watched it and loved. Cried, got mad, cried some more and was completely satisfied by the end."

Linda Van Zile's profile image

linda_van_zile shared a tip "Cried every episode"

Jennifer Martin's profile image

jennifer_martin_4051 shared a tip "This show is perfect for survivors of Domestic Violence and their families."

gigi_jabbour shared a tip "Very moving series. It gives a sad but accurate picture of domestic violence, alcoholism and mental illness."

Eleanor Paetkau's profile image

eleanor_paetkau shared a tip "Honest storyline"

kristin_jones_4557 shared a tip "Major trigger warning for victims of DV. I loved it, but it was sometimes extremely difficult to watch. #triggerwarning"

Aundrea Hutchinson's profile image

aundrea_hutchinson shared a tip "One of the best shows I’ve watched in a very long time."

Ashley Caton's profile image

ashley_caton shared a tip "Very real and shows struggles a lot of people have been through. Gives you a good perspective and keeps you humble"

Dominique André's profile image

dominique_andr shared a tip "acteurs parfaits, histoire touchante et personnages attachants"

Salma Din's profile image

salma_din shared a tip "Very life like portrayal of verbal and emotional abuse. Inspired from a true story which makes it even more inspiring"

Marla Ross Webb's profile image

marla_ross_webb shared a tip "Loved this series. ❤ I totally recommend it."

Santosh Eppalapally's profile image

santosh_eppalapally shared a tip "Best series of 2021"

Erin Frias's profile image

erin_frias shared a tip "OMG this is a great show. Perfect for a limited series. Tear jerker."

Sarah Gatlin's profile image

sarah_gatlin shared a tip "It was touching, heartfelt, heartbreaking. Beautiful acting by all."

Phoebe Noss's profile image

phoebe_noss shared a tip "This was an amazing show!"

Kirsten Robert's profile image

kirsten_robert shared a tip "Loved this. Couldn't stop watching."

triscia_schaffer shared a tip "So powerful!"

Madelyne Turner's profile image

madelyne_turner shared a tip "AMAZING and empowering for all women."

Lindsay Davis's profile image

lindsay_davis shared a tip "Great series. Sad it’s over, but understand it needs to be. Would not be the same if they tried to drag it out"

•XxMadisonXx• •'s profile image

xxmadisonxx_ shared a tip "It’s really interesting"

sara marcos's profile image

sara_marcos shared a tip "So powerful"

hanna_lockman shared a tip "A powerful and heavy show. Absolutely incredible."

Erin Gomez's profile image

erin_gomez_6298 shared a tip "Honest. Pulls you in right away."

erika_3353 shared a tip "Devastating and inspiring all at the same time! Great acting throughout!!"

Genevieve Jodoin's profile image

genevieve_jodoin shared a tip "Excellent. Filmed in Canada. Powerful and authentic. I adored it."

Claudia Goicoechea's profile image

claudia_goicoechea shared a tip "Relatable, well made"

Valérie St-Pierre's profile image

valrie_st-pierre shared a tip "Really great show! Love the characters."

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