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A widowed mom sets out to solve the mystery surrounding her young son's emerging superpowers while keeping his extraordinary gifts under wraps.

Parental GuideTV-PG

Status Canceled

First Air Date 2019-10-04

Last Air Date 2022-02-01

Seasons 2

Episodes 17


TMDB 7.8


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latinaliveblogging shared a tip "Absolutely amazing"

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Griffin17 shared a tip "The ending to this was just so weird."

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noah_walker shared a tip "This show was amazing, especially the first season too bad they cancelled it after the 2nd season."

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jennifer_montalement shared a tip "Great show. Looking forward to next season."

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m_s_2645 shared a tip "NOT appropriate for young kids"

it.s_Jasmine shared a tip "LOVE LOVE LOVE 💕"

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veronica_adderley shared a tip "@anna_cannady if you haven’t watched it with your kiddos - I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend!!"

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ruby_1624 shared a tip "This was a good watch and it kept me interested."

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mlhawkins shared a tip "Amazing!"

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januaryelveria shared a tip "Loved it!"

book_obsession shared a tip "Season one: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Season two: ⭐⭐⭐ (finale was kind of disappointing)"

aurora_ncq shared a tip "brilliant series, wonderfully made. my favourite superhero story by far"

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isaac_steven shared a tip "Just finished this show has great character development and a great ending! Definitely recommend"

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maya_b_2817 shared a tip "Very short only 2 seasons but sooo good"

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MrTenThirty shared a tip "Great adaptation..."

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aaron_ramirez_ramir shared a tip "!!"

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everything_gracie shared a tip "one of my favorte shows! I cried when it got canceled!"

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richard_wodarski shared a tip "It was! I hope you like it :)"

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lydia_sancho shared a tip "I loved this series so much totally good to watch with fam, and overall such a mysterious and fun show."

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vanessa_ganesharaj shared a tip "It was, a bit slow at the beginning but it gets really good"

Tori Olszewski's profile image

tori_olszewski shared a tip "It's the best show on Netflix right now it's a must watch."

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annnmarie shared a tip "It is the perfect show to binge watch."

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emily_vasquez_1942 shared a tip "Great show!! Can't wait for the next season"

dillon_3927 shared a tip "It is such a good show would totally recommend it to anyone in quarantine who hasn’t yet watched it!"

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angel_saldana shared a tip "It was pat but now dion"

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denise_donnell shared a tip "Just started watching, trying not to binge!! Seems good."

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william_heron shared a tip "Omg awesome"

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fangirls2much shared a tip "It has superpowers and action. It also tackles the problems of today's world. A great watch for these times!"

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sharon_stannard shared a tip "Science fiction that held our interest. Bing watched it over a three-four day period."

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miss__gurll shared a tip "Still waiting on s2"

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alayna_mcfarland shared a tip "Just awesome lottery there’s a new season coming soon"

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j_1061 shared a tip "Hurry season 3!!"

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addison_brooke_8347 shared a tip "This is a very good show for a lot of different people it’s one of my favorites recently"

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tj_roberts shared a tip "So good! 👏🏼"

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jazlyn_parker shared a tip "Just started this recently and I am halfway done"

mya_woods shared a tip "If you like action,plot twists,and TV shows this is the show for you."

beril_mckissic shared a tip "Season 2 is coming they said! 😫"

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anita_ehirim shared a tip "A little bit"

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jordana702 shared a tip "Really good if you like super heros! Glad there's a season 2 coming!"

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zaila__singzz shared a tip "Lovee this"

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alayna44 shared a tip "Has a great plot twist"

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Oliviapaige327 shared a tip "This is amazing. Perfect for younger kids and some adults. I am so excited for the new season."

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nikella_callan shared a tip "AMAZING SHOW!!!! It was SO good!! Super underrated. Very fantasy"

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sapphos shared a tip "I think it is! Very entertaining show in my opinion."

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nicole_hart shared a tip "Very good show loved it"

randall_rosa shared a tip "Awesome show for kids and adults!"

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trevaughn_durham shared a tip "I can not wait until season 2"

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sky_wave shared a tip "Really good for rainy days 🦋"


ibrohim_abdukahhorov shared a tip "Fire show best cliff hanger ever sadly"

frjusur6dutbe shared a tip "It's the perfect show to binge watch"

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danessi_meda shared a tip "it bock my hart"

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iron_dragon728 shared a tip "If you loved strange things you will love this show and it is a Netflix original"

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itsjustbryan shared a tip "My fav"

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zachari_benitez shared a tip "If you could have any superpower in the world what would it be?"

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angelica_silfa shared a tip "A must watch. Can’t wait for season 3"

aly_3915 shared a tip "Awesome show. A must watch especially if you're into magic powers sci fi stuff :)"

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scayny_napoleon shared a tip "Amazing"

jakyra_cosby shared a tip "Really Interesting#family"

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umbrellacademy shared a tip "Guys you need to watch this, such a good show"

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krisy_mitchell shared a tip "It was really fun to watch. Very interesting and always kept me guessing."

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ella_sanders_9908 shared a tip "Loved this series s2 will maybe come out mid 2022"

hannah ziarniak's profile image

hannah_ziarniak shared a tip "I can't recommend this enough! Loved every bit of it."

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stephanie_pirtle shared a tip "Because I've always liked mystery movies but most of all I like magic it's amazing , the best it's action and exiting."

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melonn shared a tip "Raising Dion is AMAZING. The actress who played Dions mom is amazing too. Must watch if you like action"

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ferd_burfle shared a tip "A cool, different take on superheroes."

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sandra_rodriguez_7562 shared a tip "Great story, cute boy, African American hero"

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sum-1 shared a tip "Lol thanks so much but I love the show Grey's anatomy"

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sydney_edwards_3935 shared a tip "I literally fell in love with this show! Dion was amazingly adorable. The storyline had me hooked. Definitely a must watch!!!"

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ajax_4903 shared a tip "Yes, if your a fan of anime and superheroes than my hero academia is the show for you!"

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noni_lee shared a tip "Absolutely!"

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the_gayest shared a tip "I loved watching this"

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alicia_vanheeswyk shared a tip "This show is the best and is definitely a must watch similar to stranger things #strangerthings #horror #mustwatch"

ava.pereiraburke shared a tip "It was a very thriling show! Very good!"

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angie_pryibil shared a tip "Not really because they didn't have a season 2. My kids liked it though."

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karajkackles shared a tip "I'm watching through now-not only is this kid amazing 😅but I'm liking the story so far"

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vaporis shared a tip "loved it sm"

amal_surani shared a tip "This show was so interesting. I still need to finish it though."

marangelly_medina shared a tip "Great show"

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reyna_martinez_4250 shared a tip "I haven't finished watching this yet, but so far it is very good"

roxie_l shared a tip "Superpowers, action, and it pokes a sharp stick at a lot of cultural problems head-on without apology. Absolutely LOVE this show!"

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nema159 shared a tip "Interesting story, definitely something to binge watch"

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